• world The process of teaching children in school involves not only the teacher, but support staff and parents whose services contribute directly or indirectly to their educational growth.  In the course of the day-to-day work, it may seem that it is an endless job of cleaning rooms that will be dirty again tomorrow. As true as this may be, it should be remembered that how well you do your job can affect not only the health and safety of the children, but the morale and atmosphere of the entire school.  Custodians are responsible primarily for cleaning the school building. Buildings, equipment, and grounds are in your care.  Operations and preventative maintenance includes security to prevent vandalism and theft.  The community, teachers, and pupils take pride in a well kept attractive school and will help you keep it that way.

Mission Statement

  • The Mission od Central Custodial Services is to provide and maintain an efficient aesthetically pleasing and hazard free environment for students, faculty, staff, and the public.


  • The Vision of Central Custodial Services is to support, lead and inspire learning and professional development in the cleaning industry.


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