• Graduation Commencement Ceremony

    May 22, 2023

    7 PM

    Tom McIntyre Stadium

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    Senior Award Ceremony


    The Melbourne High School Senior Awards Ceremony will honor all current seniors accepting a financial award from a community agency or university, or enrolling in the military.    We would like to know about your award, so to obtain all necessary information, and include you in our celebration, we ask that you complete the survey at the following web address no later than April 24, 2023:



    Please note that athletic scholarship recognition is deferred to signing ceremonies, and Bright Futures final eligibility is not determined until August 2023 therefore is not included in that evening’s program.


    All eligible students will receive an invitation to the celebration, scheduled for May 4th at 6PM, via US mail.

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  • Bright Futures Scholarships

    Did you know in your senior year you MUST complete an application to receive the Bright Futures Scholarship? Beginning October 1st you can complete the senior application process by going to https://www.floridastudentfinancialaidsg.org/SAPHome/SAPHome

    • Under First Time Applicants
    • Click on Create a Student Account
    • Once you have an account created, go back to the home page and log into your account and complete the Florida Financial Aid Application, FFAA.

    You can and SHOULD complete this application even if you have not completed your volunteer hours or have your desired test scores. Bright Futures will match that information to you as it comes.

    Don't forget to turn your volunteer hours in to your school counselor.    The only way to get them on your transcript is to submit them to your school counselor.  The earlier the better!

    If you have a qualifying GPA, qualifying test scores, and all volunteer or work hours submitted before we leave for winter break, you will be evaluated by Bright Futures for the scholarship during the 2nd semester.  This means you will know what you qualify for before the summer term and can use your Bright Futures scholarship to pay for summer classes. 

    If you complete the qualifications during the 2nd semester of senior year, you will not be evaluated until July.  This will delay knowing what you qualify for and possibly prevent you from using scholarship funds to pay for summer classes. 

    The earlier the better!

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    Want Money for College?

    FAFSA can help. Beginning October 1st students can fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA. Students who complete the FAFSA early can receive up to twice the amount of state and institutional aid as those who complete it later. Don’t delay – be ready on October 1st!

    Step 1: Create an account (FSA ID): https://fsaid.ed.gov (student and parent must have separate FSA ID’s)

    Step 2: Sign in and begin: FAFSA.gov

    To be offered a financial package from a state university, you must complete the FAFSA.

    Even if you do not think you will qualify, you should complete the application.  Financial situations change and the college or university cannot help you if you do not have a FAFSA on file.

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