• Regional Busing
    Elementary Educational Program Opportunities

    Brevard Public Schools (BPS) implemented the Regional Bus Program this school year to enhance students’ equitable access to the numerous Choice Schools and Educational Program Opportunities throughout the district.  Regional busing was/is available to any student that has an approved Educational Program Opportunity (EPO) application for a program outside of their zoned school of attendance.  

    Available elementary schools for Regional Busing:


    • Freedom 7 Elementary School of International Studies (K-6)
    • Robert Lewis Stevenson Elementary School of the Arts (K-6)
    • West Melbourne Elementary School of Science (K-6)
    • South Lake Elementary Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) School (K-6)


    • Cambridge Elementary Magnet School for Arts and Sciences (K-6)
    • Golfview Elementary Magnet Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics STEAM School (K-6)


    Here is how Regional Busing works:

    A.M. – Parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible to ensure student is at designated hub or region bus stop for pick up. A BPS bus will pick up the student(s) and transport to their EPO School.

    P.M. – A BPS bus will pick up student(s) at their EPO School and transport student(s) to their A.M. hub or region bus stop. Parent(s)/guardian(s) is responsible to ensure student(s) departs safely to home.


    Over the summer, the district conducted a brief, one-question survey to collect ridership interest in this program.  Based on that interest, the district invested approximately $3.7 million to buy buses with each costing approximately $112,000.

    All families who accepted an EPO seat and replied “yes” to this quick survey were assigned a bus stop.  Any family that did not responded to this survey may still access this service, if space is available.  Please contact your school for information.  



    Terms/Definitions for regional busing:

    EPO- Educational Program Opportunity; these applications are linked to curriculum program 
    School House Icon- Edcucational Program Opportunities offered at this location
    Region- Brevard County School District is divided into three (3) region areas, North (blue shade), Central (pink shade), and South (green shade)
    Region Icon- (dark blue bus, dark pink bus, or dark green bus)- Location of a bus stop within that same region (i.e., dark blue travels anywhere in the blue zone)
    Hub- Location of bus stop for transportation to a school outside your region
    Hub Icon (Yellow bus)- Travels the length of the district   

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