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    An Open Letter to Parents, 

    Your school has a wonderful room that houses information on lots of topics, with something special for everyone.  That room is the library media center.  In it you will find what our school board recognizes as the "center of the educational program of the school.  It provides materials and services that meet academic, technical, personal and social needs of the school community."

    In meeting these needs, the media selection policy makes available a wide range of materials on varying levels of difficulty, with something to appeal to everyone.  Many religious, ethnic and cultural groups are represented in the school library and specific criteria are used in considering items to be included.  Because libraries are forums for information and ideas, books are provided for the interst and enlightenment of all students and teachers.   

    Many of these books are on various reading program lists, such as Sunshine State Young Readers' Awards, Accelerated Reader, Reading Counts, and Young Adult Choices.  Some of these lists also include recommended reading levels.  These reading levels are determined by companies that are selling the book product, and they do not necessarily reflect the appropriate chronological age, developmental age, maturity level or family values for all students.  As with all other aspects of a student's education, parents are encourage to be involved in a student's book selections.  The books in the media center whether part of a specific reading program or not, are available for the review of all patrons, but are specifically recommended for none.   

    Since reading is vital to success in our world, and since we know that the best readers are those who have parents that are involved in their education, we encourage parents to read and review the books your student selects.  Come in and visit.  Browse the collection of your school media center.  You may find just the right book to share with your child.