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    Cape View provides students with the knowledge they need to be successful physically, intellectually and emotionally throughout their lives. 


    Unit/Concept - Cooperative Games, Locomotor Movements, Body and Spatial awareness and safety

    What we worked on so far:

    Procedures, warm-ups, Physical Literacy, V.I.P. Tag, hydration, heat index, agility

About Our Program

  • My Vision for Physical Education

    Our curriculum is designed for students to prepare themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally for their future. 


    The body needs to increase blood flow to the muscles. I tell my students that your body is like clay, you need to warm it up before you begin molding the clay.

    • Examples for grades 3-6:  jogging, back-peddling, jumping jacks, curl-ups and push-ups.
    • K-2: walk, skip, jump, hop and toe touches.  

    Next, we begin our activity based on the Unit/Concept(s) we’re working on each week.  

    Our standards are found on the FDOE website. We work throughout the year on fitness goals, nutrition, teamwork, and safety to help our students take control over their own healthy lifestyle. One standard may be, “Cooperative Games”. Students need to follow directions, run through pathways without hitting others. They should also be able to work together as team players. 

    Cool Down

    The cool-down is to reduce muscle stiffness and maybe prevent some soreness. We also want to slow down the heart to avoid dizziness from too much blood flow to the brain.

    Examples: arm hugs, slow walk, and stretches

Important Documents