Getting To and From School

  • Buses

    All students riding the bus should recognize that transportation service is a privilege and should treat it as such.  All students who live two miles or more from the school are eligible to ride the bus.  Students are permitted to ride only their assigned bus unless permission has been given by the principal or designee for unique or emergency situations.  Special requests to change buses or bus stops must be made in writing by the parent. 

    Rules for Riding the Bus 

    1. Obey the driver or bus attendant.  Follow their instructions willingly.
    2. Stay in seat at all times when the bus is moving.  Keep arms and head inside the bus.
    3. Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct is observed.  No yelling or unnecessary loud noise is permitted.  Absolute silence is required at railroad crossings.
    4. Sit in assigned seats as designated by the driver.
    5. Do not eat or drink.
    6. Do not throw any objects from the bus.
    7. Do not bring any animals, glass containers or hazardous implements on the bus.
    8. Do not use profanity.  Do not deface or damage the bus in any way.  No fighting is permitted.
    9. Students are asked not to take large band instruments on the bus that would use a seat or block vision.

    Consequences for Breaking Bus Rules 

    If a student fails to observe the bus rules or is endangering the safety of other students, he/she will be reported to the principal.  Disciplinary action could result as follows: 

    1. Parents will be notified.
    2. Suspension from the bus.  (Parents would now be responsible for the student’s transportation.)  Parent is responsible for making restitution.
    3. Suspension from school for three days (up to 10 days with approval of the area superintendent.)  

    Bike Riders 

    Students who ride bikes to school will use the bike path to and from school if available and follow the rules of safe biking.  Students should not ride their bikes in the parking lot, sidewalk in front of the school, on the grass, or in the hallways.  It is important that each student be provided with a bike lock of some type and be taught how to use it properly.  The school cannot accept responsibility for missing or stolen bikes.  REMEMBER, LOCK YOUR BIKE

    Walkers and Car Riders 

    Students who walk to school or dropped off by their parents should not arrive at school before 7:45 am and should not be picked up any later than 3:15 pm, unless requested to do so by a teacher, or if they are involved in before and after school activities.  

    Car Drop-Off Instructions 

    Please drop-off and pick-up your children at the car loop at the front (south end) of the school.  Use the south-east entrance of the school and continue all the way to the end of the car loop.  Teachers will be located at the drop off area to assist students. 

    At dismissal time, teachers will take all car riders to the car loop for pick-up. 

    Any student on campus prior to 7:45 am or after 3:15 pm will be sent to MILA’s Before/After School Child Care, where fees will be applied. 

    Day Care 

    The Before and After School Enrichment Program at MILA is designed to offer safe, affordable child care, as well as enrichment activities to students before and after school in their own setting.  The activities and care are supervised by individuals with backgrounds in Early Childhood Education.  Services include nutritional snacks, homework assistance, and supervised activities.  

    Please see the Brevard After School page for hours and fees.  Prices subject to change.