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    Contact Joe Laub with any questions. 

    Thanks for showing interest in the Melbourne Surf Team. We have had an undefeated record, been ranked #1 in the state and placed 3rd in the Nation with our NSSA team. We are a very competitive team, so you should have strong skills in surfing, swimming and water safety. Before you can try out for the team, the surf release form and the registration form must be signed and returned. You will need to listen to announcements for the try out date, usually in late August or early September.

    Once you make the team, there are requirements that are expected of all team members. First, you must maintain a 2.0 GPA to remain an active surfer. You are expected to attend meetings, practices, and community service and fundraiser events. Be prepared for the time commitment that the team will entail. Parents may be asked to help out and volunteer time as well.

    Our main goal is to have a fun safe and exciting year. We hope the season will allow you to become a more comfortable, confident and experienced surfer. We have some of the best surfers on the east coast and this can be a rewarding experience for all involved. The Melbourne Surf Team is not affiliated with Brevard County School Board or Melbourne High School, and I am merely volunteering my time. If you have questions, would like to help out with the team or have concerns please feel free to contact me at: 952-5880 x3921 or email me at:
    Erik Perna
Last Modified on August 30, 2018