• How To Do Business With The School Board of Brevard County

    Thank you for visiting our website, and for your interest in doing business with The School Board of Brevard County (SBBC). The School Board of Brevard County welcomes the opportunity to do business with interested vendors in the community. Procurement is responsible for the procurement of all commodities, services, and construction related services.

    Rules governing purchasing and contract procedures were established under the concept of open competitive bidding. Under this system, purchase awards are made to the lowest bidder who meets the stated specifications in accordance with the stipulated terms and conditions, and also has the capacity to provide the service or product. The specific specifications, conditions, and instructions are outlined in each bid package that is available to all interested vendors through our e-Procurement Platform.

    New e-Procurement Platform: OpenGov

    BPS has partnered with  OpenGov and is excited to announce our transition to this new e-Procurement platform starting December 1, 2023.  Please visit the new site to create a free OpenGov account now. Your OpenGov account will help you stay up-to-date on our bidding opportunities while also providing new features, like live chat support.   



    To get started, click here Version OptionsPurchasingHeadline to sign up. You’ll receive an email to activate your account. For more information about how to register, please see our help file here.


    For solicitation posted prior to December 1, 2023: please visit our current e-Procurement Platform, www.MyVendorLink.com. The link below will take you to VendorLink's solicitation search page. You must have a registered account with VendorLink to download solicitation documents.

    Solicitation Activity

    SBBC does not pre-register vendors.  Vendors are setup through our schools and/or departments. It is your responsibility to provide them with a W-9 form and insurance/hold harmless certificate if necessary. They in-turn will send that information to Procurement Services so that we can process the set-up. In some instances a Level 2 background check must be done before you are permitted on any of our campuses. The information for JLA Clearance may be obtained from the following website: SBBC – Office of District Security.

    SBBC does not complete credit applications. We will be more than happy to fax our credit references along with our Tax Exempt Certificate and Billing Instructions which includes all information you need to set-up an account for SBBC. Please contact the Office of Procurement Services for that information.

    No single publication can answer all questions or solve all problems occurring in even the most simple business transaction. It is hoped, however, that this effort will provide all parties with sufficient information to avoid the more common pitfalls.

    This document will serve as a general guide. Specific questions and concerns not addressed here should be directed to The Office of Procurement Services.

    Procurement Services has the responsibility to make the most economical acquisition of quality materials and services that will assure efficient operation of the SBBC. To that end, it is essential that interested business persons become familiar with the purchasing procedures.

    Doing business with a public entity can be complicated and even inconvenient if there is confusion regarding basic rules and procedures which are necessary to protect the taxpayer.

    This information is an attempt to ensure that doing business with SBBC is a positive experience. Proper communication between the buyer and seller will invariably engender the understanding necessary to avoid confusion and inconvenience.

    In accordance with the School Board Policy and the Purchasing Manual, The Office of Procurement Services is authorized to administer all purchasing activities. The primary function of The Office of Procurement Services is to ensure that the SBBC receives the best possible products and services for the monies expended.

    Suppliers are cautioned against making a delivery or performing a service for the SBBC without having an authorized purchase order. If vendors supply items to SBBC personnel without proper authorization, the vendor must assume the responsibility for collection of the payment of these goods or services from the individual with whom the transaction was made. However, for authorized purchases, deliveries shall be made to the address indicated on the purchase order or to other locations as authorized by Procurement Services.

    Procurement Services coordinates all vendor contacts and supervises the procurement process to ensure compliance with purchasing procedures. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    This publication is designed solely to provide general summary information to those wishing to do business with The SBBC. As such, it is not binding in either a legal or regulatory sense. The procurement activity of SBBC is performed in accordance with applicable law, State Board of Education Rules, The School Board of Brevard County Policies and the SBBC Purchasing Manual, and other applicable rules and regulations which govern.  The information in this publication is intended to summarize various areas of procurement services.

    School Board of Brevard County
    Office of Procurement & Distribution Services
    2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way
    Viera, FL 32940-6601
    Phone: 321-633-1000 X 11645
    Fax: 321-633-3618

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