FOCUS is the software program Brevard County uses for grade reporting. Brevard County’s Focus Parent Portal provides parents and guardians a view of their child’s assignments, grades, attendance information and current class averages. This program has replaced GradeQuick/Edline and will begin the second grading period of 2018-19. 

    Below you will find important information to help with this transition. 

    • In oder to access the new FOCUS School Software you should use Chrome for your web browser.

    • Parent Pin Letters were sent home August 24th. If you did not receive your FOCUS Parent Pin Letter, please contact the Front Office.  We encourage parents to create their new FOCUS Parent account as soon as possible.

    • Parents will be locked out after 5 failed login attempts.  Click the "reset password" feature reset parent passwords. There is no ability for a teacher or BPS staff to unlock a parent password. If parents forget their email, just re-register with the correct email information.  PINs are assigned to a student, so every student has just one.

    • Students will use LaunchPad to access their FOCUS student account using their LaunchPad user ID and password.  They will not create a FOCUS student account.

    • In the near future, the Edline button at the top of West Shore’s site and the district site will be converted to a FOCUS button.

    • All teachers started using FOCUS on October 15th for the second 9 week grading period. Parents and students will use FOCUS to view grades, test scores, online homework and any other information teachers share relating to their coursework and assignments.

    • December 31st is the last day for parents to view Term 1 grades in Edline.

    • Edline is decommissioning it's software on December 31st. The products will no longer be accessible to BPS.

    West Shore's Edline website is no longer updated.  Our new website was launched September 26th and should be used for all information pertaining to West Shore.