Stone's Gifted Team


    The Stone gifted program is designed to meet the needs of our gifted, academically talented, and intrinsically motivated students through a variety of hands on experiences, collaborative learning, and challenging curriculum.  Gifted 7th grade students will participate in the Civic Action Project with a culminating event in April of each year.

    The purpose of this program is to enable our gifted and academically talented students to be immersed in a rigorous and advanced curriculum that will prepare them for all high school honors and/or advanced placement programs.  Students in our gifted program are placed in all advanced academic courses.  Stone offers many course for high school credit including Algebra I, Geometry, Digital Information Technology, Spanish 1 and Spanish 2.  Stone, also, has one of the top middle school Science Research programs in Brevard County. In addition, unlike a single day of gifted pull-out in the elementary schools, Stone students will receive daily gifted program intervention in their three academic classes.

    The development of skills in areas such as communication, technology, collaboration, and independent learning are a focus within the program and promote college and career readiness. Project-based assessments to differentiate to the needs of the gifted in developing appropriate social skills within a group setting.

    There is a focus on leadership to meet the social/emotional needs of the gifted student. Students also have the opportunity to be leaders through Student Government, NJHS, BETA Club, and a variety of other organizations on campus.

Explorer Teachers

  • Mr. Flesher, Civics, Gifted Certified

    Mr. Kelly, Science, Gifted Certified

    Ms. MacWhinnie, ELA, Gifted Certified

    Ms. Anderson, Algebra I, Gifted Certified

Barracuda Teachers

  • Ms. Gates, ELA, Gifted Certified (in progress)

    Ms. Hornby, Science, Gifted Certified

    Ms. Scott, U.S. History, Gifted Certified

    Ms. Mederos, Geometry, Gifted Certified (in progress)

Science Research

  • Richard Regan, Gifted Certified