• Florida Virtual School (FLVS)/Brevard Virtual School (BVS)

    The 26-Credit Standard High School Diploma requires students take one course online. Please see your Guidance Counselor for more information on fulfilling this requirement.  

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    FLVS/BVS offers FLEX and Full Time Options.

    Students who would like to remain enrolled at Satellite will choose FLEX. You can take up to 3 courses at a time on FLVS. 

    Students who wish to no longer attend in-person courses at Satellite and instead enroll in FLVS full-time will need to do the following:

    • Parent(s) schedule an appointment with the school counselor
    • Parent(s) complete designated paperwork to withdraw from Satellite and enroll in Home Education
    • Student completes withdrawal card with signatures from all teachers and designated departments
      • Signatures verfiy that the student has no outstanding dues to the school

    In order for students to receive a high school diploma, they will need to enroll FULL TIME into FLVS. Please review their website and contact FLVS for questions about enrolling into their school. https://www.flvs.net/how-it-works/enrollment-options/full-time

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