• Early Admissions

    Early admission is a form of full-time dual enrollment through which qualified first-semester 12th grade students may attend Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) on a full-time basis instead of attending at their high school for the senior year. Students remain eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities at their home high school and in all high school graduation events. Students must earn sufficient credits to meet high school graduation requirements.

    Early Admission students are expected to complete sufficient credits to meet high school graduation requirements and achieve a college term GPA of at least 2.00. In addition they must maintain an overall unweighted high school cumulative GPA of 3.0 to continue to participate in Early Admission. Early admission students who are in jeopardy of earning sufficient credits to graduate or do not maintain an overall college term GPA of 2.0 or higher and/or an overall unweighted high school cumulative GPA of 3.0 may not continue in Early Admission the following semester. Instead they may participate in dual enrollment on a part-time basis only the following semester, provided they meet part-time dual enrollment GPA eligibility. These students are not eligible for full-time dual enrollment.

    Early admission students may take 12-week, minimester courses, and/or e-learning session II classes.

    NOTE: The College or the high school may administratively withdraw a student from Early Admission for disciplinary or academic reasons.


  • Early Admissions Eligibility

    Students must apply for Early Admissions with EFSC spring of junior year.  See the following section titled Early Admissions Application for application details.

    Students must have unweighted cumulative state GPA of 3.00, all passing scores on the college placement tests, and BPS students must have passing scores on state assessments to meet graduation requirements.

    Students seeking Early Admissions must have completed of all required courses for HS graduation* by the end of 11th grade with the EXCEPTION of:

    • One high school credit in English,
    • One high school credit in Science**
    • One high school credit in Social Studies and
    • One high school credit in Math and
    • A 0.5 credit in Performing Arts

    *Career Research & Decision Making course must be completed by the end of the 11th grade for Early Admission students with BPS (waivers may be considered for out of county and military transfers which must be submitted for approval to the Director of High School Programs).

    **Biology, Chemistry & Physics or Integrated Science I, II and III must be completed by first day of senior year, including any courses taken virtually.

    Virtual Courses: Applicants who are completing required coursework for Early Admission via BVS or FLVS must complete the course before the first day of BPS Fall semester.

    A student who does not meet these requirements will NOT be eligible for Early Admissions. The counselor MUST contact the BPS dual enrollment resource teacher and begin proceedings to follow the part time dual enrollment registration procedures. The EFSC coordinator must also be notified.


  • Early Admissions Application

    EFSC delivers Early Admission Application Packets to each high school prior to Spring Holiday. Each Packet contains the required paperwork for applying to the program and a letter of instruction to students.

    When applications become available you can get them in the high school guidance office or from EFSC admissions office.

    Early Admission Application Deadline

    Students must turn in the application packet with the EFSC admissions process and testing completed by the published early admission deadline or receive EFSC approval for a late submission of completed application packet. Applicants must have completed the admissions process including the dual enrollment orientation requirement by this date.

    Students will be accepted provisionally pending submission of the final 11th grade transcript to the College. College staff will consider several factors including feedback from the high school counselor, the student’s academic record, Early Admission Application essays and interview responses in reaching an acceptance decision.

    The Early Admissions application includes a page that must be completed by your high school counselor.  Please give your counselor 48 hours to complete this.  DO NOT ask your counselor to complete this page on the application deadline date.