• Peachjar Flyer Guidelines

    Direct distribution through Peachjar is ONLY permitted for non-profit organizations.  It is the position of the Board that all other parent-initiated student clubs and non-profit community organizations shall be permitted to distribute written materials that are age appropriate to students that attend the school.  The district office sends out approved flyers on Monday and Wednesdays (if days fall on a public holiday, they will be approved the next day).

    Non-Profit Status

    Non-profit community organizations must provide documentation verifying non-profit status.  This documentation must either be a copy of the letter from the Internal Revenue Service stating the organization is considered tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) or a copy of a notarized letter on the organization’s letterhead stating the organization is a non-profit organization as deemed by the Internal Revenue Service.  Any entity that is found to have misrepresented themselves as a non-profit entity will forever be barred from all future material distribution.

    Faith-based partners:  Please keep in mind that flyers should be informative about events or activities and should NOT include explicit religious language or symbols which would promote a particular religious viewpoint.


    Parent initiated student clubs and non-profit community organizations requesting to distribute or post written materials that publicize a specific community event, activity or meeting shall submit their flyer via Peachjar.  The material must contain the following:

    1.  Name of the sponsoring organization (must be the same name as the non-profit organization’s tax ID being used).
    2. The written material must provide information about the specific community activity/event or meeting, including, but not limited to, the nature of the meeting/event/activity, location, day and time.
    3. Uploaded flyers will automatically prepopulate with the district’s disclaimer. “These materials are neither sponsored by nor endorsed by the District, its agents, or its employees.  The views and the information contained in the materials are not an expression of the opinion, belief, or policy of the Board, the District and/or this school.”
    4. Parent initiated student clubs and non-profit community organizations whose materials do not comply with the above will not be permitted to distribute unless the materials can be corrected by the parent initiated student club or non-profit community organization and returned reuploaded for approval at least two (2) days prior to the distribution date.


    Prohibited Material

    In all cases, distribution of the following is not permitted

    1. Material that is insulting to or violates the rights of others, including but not limited to material that is libelous, invades the privacy of others, infringes on a copyright or is in any way prohibited by State or Federal law.  This includes so-called “hate” literature that scurrilously attacks an individual’s race, age, national origin, gender, gender orientation, religion, creed, disability, economic status or advocates interference with the rights of any individual.
    2. Material that is socially inappropriate or inappropriate due to the maturity level of the students, including, but no limited to, material that is obscene, pornographic or lewd, vulgar or indecent, or is insulting to any group or individual.
    3. Material that may incite (lead) persons to commit illegal acts, violate Board policy, promotes hostility, disorder or violence.
    4. Material that is primarily of a commercial nature, including, but not limited to, material that primarily seeks to advertise for sale or rent the products or services of outside businesses unless the material itself has educational value that makes the commercial message a secondary consideration. Materials of this nature shall be subject to the conditions set forth for advertising in Policy 9702.
    5. Material that is likely to cause substantial disruption to or materially interferes with the proper and orderly operation and discipline of the school or school activities.
    6. Material which in any way promotes, favors or opposes the candidacy of any candidate for election or any public questions submitted at any general, municipal or school election. The prohibition shall not apply on any Election Day or special election when the school is being used a polling place.