• Satellite High School Junior ROTC FL-035

     ROTC Extracurriculars

  • Honor Guard

    FL-035's Honor Guard is an extracurricular composed of three teams: Color Guard, Drill Team, and Sabre Team. Our honor guard performs at events like Honor Flights, Flg Foldings, Athletic Events, Parades and other associated activities.  Honor Guard has successfully performed at all their events and activities. The team typically practices Thursday afternoons. 





    ROTC Presenting Colors on Football Field

    ROTC Student at Attention


    Raider Team

    The Raider Team is an athletic extracurricular that focuses on teamwork and strength to accomplish goals. They practice early in the morning Monday-Thursday. Along with the Rope Bridge, other Raider activities include: 5k, CCR and First Aid quizes, Tire Flips, and Iron Raider Challenge. 







    ROTC Raider Students with Dog

    ROTC Students in PT ROTC Students doing Field Exersze  Riader Students Posing in Field

    Spirit Team

    Spirit Team is a new team to FL-035, but has been very successfull in numbers. Created to amp up spirits at athletic events, especially football, the Spirit Squad runs Satellite flags, does pushups corresponding with the number of points scored, motivated the student section to cheer, and promotes JROTC with giving out merchandise. 

     Spirit Squad at Football Game

    Spirit Squad at Football Game