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    We Want Your “Heart of Brevard” Stories

    We believe our public schools and the world-class team behind their success are at the heart of nearly everything important on the Space Coast. If you know someone who exemplifies commitment to elevating excellence at BPS, we want to know about them.

    Heart of Brevard Submission Suggestions

    Any staff member in a department or school, or a community partner, who puts their heart and soul into teaching, inspiring and supporting our children in whatever role they play in BPS. This individual should:

    • Exhibit a positive attitude and encourage others 
    • Serve as a role model
    • Make each day better because they are present
    • Create a culture of excellence in their school or department


     Email us at gotheart@brevardschools.org and tell us about them!  Please include their name, position, school/department and describe what makes your candidate the "Heart of Brevard." 

Heart of Brevard Submissions Received