• Flu Clinic


    Longleaf Elementary has partnered with Health Hero Florida to offer no-cost in school vaccinations to your child during the school day. The date and time is still being determined and will be shared once it is assigned to the school.


    To register your child  — complete the consent form that is attached to this e-mail and send it back to your child's teacher. 


    Health Hero Florida makes immunizations available to every child in an effort to stop diseases like the flu in their tracks, and reduce absenteeism in schools. For more information about Health Hero Florida, visit www.healthheroflorida.com


    Flu season normally peaks between December and February, and can last all the way through May, so fall clinics are the perfect time for your child to receive a flu vaccine. 


    We encourage you to register your child to participate in Health Hero Florida's in-school immunization program. Thank you for your help as Longleaf partners with Health Hero Florida to stop the flu in its tracks! 



    1. Flu shots will only be given to students that have a completed consent form on file.
    2. Can parents be present?  No.  
    3. What if a child doesn't have insurance?  That's okay!  Our goal is to vaccinate any child regardless of insurance coverage.  Please have the parent check the appropriate box underneath the insurance section of the form. 
    4. Do parents have to fill the form out in its entirety?  Yes! 

    5. Will you vaccinate virtual (e-Learning) students? When we come onsite to your school, we will be vaccinating brick and mortar students only at this time.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.