Welcome to the BPS Supplier Diversity Encouragement Program

  • Supplier Diversity is a proactive business strategy that seeks to provide diverse suppliers equal access to procurement opportunities.

    BPS recognizes the importance of supplier diversity in its procurement practices. By encouraging the participation of diverse suppliers, BPS provides a value-add strategy that increases competition which may result in savings to the district.

    The following are elements of the BPS encouragement program:

    • Create a subpage on the Procurement & Distribution Services website dedicated to the Supplier Diversity Program
    • Maintain a Supplier Diversity Program Database through Smartsheet
    • Encourage diverse suppliers to participate in procurement opportunities
    • Encourage non-diverse supplier to provide opportunities for diverse suppliers through partnerships, joint ventures, subcontracts, and other contractual opportunities
    • Encourage BPS staff to obtain quotes from diverse suppliers (included in Procurement Procedures & Quick Reference Guide)
    • Educate suppliers on “Doing Business with BPS” through periodic webinars, face-to-face classes, or one-on-one meetings
    • BPS Procurement to attend vendor fairs and community events focused on educating diverse suppliers, when possible

    How can prospective vendors learn how to do business with BPS?

Last Modified on May 26, 2022