• Contact:  Assistant Superintendent, Student Services- Mrs. Pam Dampier

    Telephone: 321-633-1000 ext. 11270

    ESE Program Support – Dr. Kimberly Bias, Director ext. 11520

    ESE Compliance – Dr. Patricia Fontan, Director ext. 11505

    If a School or System has been designated its own LEA for the purposes of Federal Funding, that school or system of schools is not eligible for any services below that are funded through federal funding sources pursuant to FS 1002.33 (25).

    ESE Training will present an overview of exceptional education requirements and procedures for serving disabled students, earning special weighted funding, compliance with Federal laws, case law prevailing in this region, audits, service delivery systems, etc. Training for “Rights of Students and Their Parents/Guardians” is available for all personnel who deal with student records, discipline, safety, and welfare of students, confidentiality, privacy issues, reporting child abuse, and missing children, Americans with Disability Act, Section 504 Plans, etc.

    ***NOTE: If the Charter school opted into Title II Funding, the new “SWD” – Teaching Students with Disabilities online 20-hour course is available to all Charter School employees to meet the training requirement of Senate Bill 1108.


    Charter schools are provided free of charge access to the following:

    •         ESE Support Specialist assigned to charter school

    •         Access to all training offered by the district ESE staff or FDLRS/Action Associate Center (Florida Diagnostic Learning Resource System)

    •         ESE documents

    •         Training/programs/follow-up on computerized IEP’s – PEER, Quality IEP

    •         Specific IDEA/compliance training to Charter School teachers

    •         Specialized equipment needed by a specific student can be provided through the IDEA fund

    Charter schools are responsible for providing any related services to students according to the Individual Education Plan (IEP). Services such as Speech/Language, Occupational Therapy and/or Physical Therapy may be contracted with district or private agencies.

    Charter schools are expected to provide all services and programs listed on the Individual Education Plan at the time of enrollment.

    ESE support specialists are assigned to each charter school to support charter school students regarding placement, three-year re-evaluations, and other pertinent decision-making meetings. 

    Psychological Services

    School Psychologists will conduct psychoeducational evaluations and provide reports for all students referred for initial evaluations or re-evaluations at no cost to the charter school. School Psychologists will attend eligibility meetings to review their reports but will not be available for the development of an IEP or Section 504 Accommodation Plan.

    School Psychologists and/or the Director of Psychological Services are available via phone to consult on various issues such as psychoeducational evaluations, reevaluations, eligibility and FBA/BIPs for general education and Section 504 students only. Contact the ESE department for assistance with FBA/BIPs for ESE students.

    All questions pertaining to the Problem-Solving Team or the MTSS process should be referred to the appropriate MTSS Trainer in Elementary Leading and Learning.

    Psycho-educational evaluations for students and participation in eligibility meetings to review results will be provided by the district through Student Services. Student Services will process referrals for psychoeducational evaluations and conduct phone consultations regarding procedures and/or specific cases related to evaluations and Section 504.