Contact: ESOL Contact

    Telephone: (321) 633-1000 ext. 11951


    Charter schools must create an account with Ballard & Tighe to purchase aural/oral and reading and writing language screeners.  Training on administering language screeners is part of the ESOL/Title III training and professional development schedule.  Training is available at no cost to charter schools.


    Charter school staff members are welcome to attend in-service training sessions offered by the ESOL/Title III Department.  ESOL Contacts, ESOL Teachers and Bilingual Assistants must attend trainings and monthly PLC’s.  The cost of substitutes is the responsibility of the charter schools.

    If a charter school would like to have one of the listed trainings offered specifically for its teachers, the training will be arranged at cost.  The cost will include both instructional, travel and materials.  The instructional fees charged will be based on the hourly rate for the instruction as well as preparation time.  The cost of materials will be based on the cost of the materials purchased for the workshop based on the number of participants. The “Request for Workshop Materials and/or Instructional Services” form will need to be completed by the charter school administration in advance of the training session to insure the approval of costs. This service is offered if schedule permits.

    If a charter school is included in a grant, all budget and in-service items included in the grant will be charged to the grant.  Additional requests will be charged following the guidelines using the “Request for Workshop Materials and/or Instructional Services” form.

    Participation in ESOL endorsement classes offered through Professional Development will be available on a first come first serve basis, require school permission, and be assessed $150 fee per course.