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    Welcome to Energy / Resource Conservation, which supports Board Policy 7460: Conservation of Natural and Material Resources.  Our mission is to reduce the consumption of energy and other natural / material resources. 

     Our primary objectives are to: 

    • Reduce energy and resource-related costs by minimizing consumption of energy and natural resources and maximizing reuse and recycling of materials
    • Ensure high performing buildings and comfortable learning environments for our students and staff
    • Provide exemplary customer service to the district

    Energy / Resource Conservation monitors and trouble-shoots electric and water consumption and trash and recycling, identifies opportunities and implements energy conservation strategies to maximize behavioral and equipment efficiencies and take advantage of rate incentives, such as FPL's Seasonal Demand Time of Use Rates (SDTR).  We collaborate with our site-based personnel, maintenance and planning departments and utility providers to monitor and manage our district resources.



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