Directions for joining BPS Space Week-6th Grade Science organization in Blackboard:

  • 1. From BPS Homepage, HOVER over Links, CLICK on Blackboard LEARN (or enter through Launchpad Blackboard Learn app) 

    2. Logging in:

    The first time:

    Username: last name.first name (short.ed)

    Password: password

    If you have used Blackboard LEARN before, use the password you created. 

    3. Enroll in the BPS Space Week-6th Grade Science organization

    • Click on the COMMUNITY tab on the top right.
    • In the Organization Search box, type “spaceweek” (one word) and click GO. The course will show up in space below.
    • HOVER over the course title and a drop down arrow will appear. Click the arrow, then click Enroll.
    • Type in “rocket” as the access code.

    4. You can access the organization from the My Institution tab under My Organizations or the Community tab.