• Brevard Public Schools is pleased to work closely with our press partners. To ensure each media outlet receives information in a timely manner, may we suggest a few tips: 

    1. All press inquiries, whether about an individual school or the district as a whole, should begin with a call to the division of government and community relations at 321-633-1000 ext. 11796. We will work with each request as quickly as possible, either through direct commentary or connecting media personnel with the appropriate parties.

    2. While District Communications will make every effort to assist the media, it does not conduct media research. To receive a timely answer, please submit questions in advance either through a phone call or an email to Russell Bruhn and Kellyn Nobregas. Questions should be succinct and not entail researching files.

    3. Research is best conducted utilizing our Public Records Request Process. The forms and procedures can be located to the left of this page. Charges for extensive work may be incurred, so it is highly recommended that you make Public Records Requests that are specific.

    4. We regularly issue press releases and a weekly press briefing called BPS Headlines.