Mandatory Pre-Planning

  • Welcome to the 2018 -2019 School Year! This year you will find all the Orientation Materials you need in ProGOE! Everyone (including Support Staff) is required to complete the Orientation within the first month of school or within a week from the date of hire. All evaluators will be responsible for running the report in ProGOE showing 100% completion and emailing the report to Mary Lou Stant. I will be monitoring completion rates (for all milestones in all the timelines both support and instructional) throughout the year, and I will be sending follow up reminders as necessary. Please note, if there are members of your team that do not have access to a computer, send me a copy of the class roster for the group orientation sessions.

    The new evaluation plans are ready.

    Please note: Please tell your teachers, ALL teacher CMA Teams need to be identified and set up in ProGOE by the end of September. Setting up your CMA teams in ProGOE at the beginning of the school year will make it much easier to enter the scores by the March due date! And, more importantly, add those extra 4 points to your overall score!

    As always, I appreciate your questions and feedback. You are welcome to call me or email me anytime. eMail is always the best option.