Volunteer Information & Procedures

  • Become a Volunteer Volunteers play an important role in the daily operations of Brevard Public Schools.  We appreciate all the help our volunteers give our students, teachers and schools.  In direct response to the community's request for improved security in our schools, a new process was put in place that conducts a National Sex Offender Registry check on every visitor who enters a school.  To ensure the safety of our children, all volunteers must undergo certain safety checks.  See below for the procedures and levels of school volunteers: 

    LEVEL A-PLUS - *Cost is $45.25 (Payable at ESF through District Security) 

    District contact with students is permitted.  This level of volunteer may volunteer in the classroom, chaperone in county and out of county field trips, etc.  (These volunteers are the highest level and receive a criminal background check which is good for 5 years.) 

    LEVEL A - *Cost is $20 

    This level of volunteer may work with students while within "line of sight" of a BPS employee.  (Currently, this level of volunteer status is good for 3 years.

    In order to become a volunteer, you must apply at Raptor Technologies.  Please note, the application background check may take up to three weeks. 

    In order to become an A-Plus volunteer, fingerprinting must be completed at the District Security Office in Viera (8:00-4:30 pm., Monday-Thursday).  You may pay using a credit card, debit card, or money order.  No cash or checks.  Please do not make a trip to the District Security office until you have talked with Ms. Martinez in the front office at MILA to confirm that your application has been completed. 

    *Please note that pricing is subject to change.