Frequently Asked Questions

  • The overriding philosophy of the Millennium Elementary Schools of Choice is to provide students with an enriched interactive atmosphere fostering good citizenship within a nurturing and safe environment. Through the enhanced program emphasis combined with traditional core academic curriculum, Robert Louis Stevenson, one of the three Millennium Schools, sparks excitement and enthusiasm for elementary children. We also provide a strong character-education program. This unique, innovative school is destined to become a model for other districts to replicate. 

    1. What is a Millennium School of Choice?

    Schools of choice are schools that are open to all children in Brevard County, regardless of their residence. This allows families to choose the school they prefer their children to attend. The Millennium Schools are public choice schools under the jurisdiction of the Brevard County School District and offer specialized, enhanced curriculum at these three locations:

    • Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School of the Arts in Merritt Island focuses on visual and performing arts. This school serves Kindergarten - 6th grades.
    • Freedom 7 Elementary School of International Studies in Cocoa Beach.
    • West Melbourne Elementary School of Science. 
    1. What are the advantages of attending Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School of the Arts over regular public schools, magnet or charter schools?

    Robert Louis Stevenson is theme-based, and that theme may appeal to your child's interests more than a broad-based public or magnet school. Each school in the Brevard County system has its own advantages and must be measured by your family’s particular needs and goals. All, however, offer many types of academic challenges that may be right for you. 

    1. How do I know if my child is right for Robert Louis Stevenson?

    Robert Louis Stevenson offers a different focus that is academically challenging, interactive, creative and fun. We require family participation in the school and have set high standards for each class. Many children thrive in this type of environment and look forward to the different projects and challenges. You and your family are in the best position to decide if this kind of school fits your child’s needs, abilities and personality. 

    1. Is the school free?

    Yes, it is a regular public school and does not charge tuition. 

    1. Does the school have a dress code?

    Yes. Robert Louis Stevenson has uniforms that are comfortable, affordable and are available in a variety of styles. We offer khaki pants and shorts for the boys, and khaki shorts, pants, and skorts for the girls. Color coordinated polo shirts with site specific school logos complete the outfit.

    Uniforms may be purchased from All Uniform Wear, 2584 W. New Haven Ave., Melbourne, FL, phone: 321-608-3845. Or, order online at All Uniform Wear.

    Store Hours:
    Monday – Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm
    Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm
    Sunday 12:00pm - 4:00pm 

    1. How do you get into Robert Louis Stevenson?

    Applications are available to be copied on-line or at the school. Children currently enrolled in Robert Louis Stevenson must pre-register but are automatically accepted for the following school term. When a new family completes an application during the enrollment period, the application is given a lottery number. Numbers are drawn totally at random to fill the slots. 

    1. Does the lottery differentiate between Millennium Schools or is it one lottery for all schools?

    Each school has its own separate lottery. On the application form, you select your school preference. As classes fill, we compile a waiting list to fill any vacancies created by children moving out of the area or leaving the school. 

    1. Are in-area students being considered first?

    Since Robert Louis Stevenson is a school of choice, there is no attendance zone designation as "in-area." The lottery system determines who is considered. 

    1. Is there sibling preference in the application process?

    We want to keep families together whenever possible. Toward this end, we do give preference to siblings. This is done by assigning lottery numbers to families instead of individual applicants. When the family number is drawn all applicants in the family are placed either in a grade or on the appropriate waiting list. 

    1. If I don't get in this year, do I have to reapply next year?

    Yes. The lottery begins new each school term. 

    1. What if my family applies to one Millennium School and then decides to go to another one?

    You must reapply to the new school and be reassigned another lottery number. 

    1. When are applications due?

    Applications are available on-line or from each school each year. Applications must be accompanied by the child’s most recent report card to be considered complete. 

    1. How does the waiting list work?

    After all the classes have been filled, the next numbers drawn in the lottery will constitute the waiting list. If a child is unable to attend and we have open slots, we will take the first name from the waiting list and admit that student. Because there are always last-minute changes or drop-outs, we encourage parents to get on a waiting list for the school of their choice. Their child could very well be selected to attend their School of Choice if an opening occurs. 

    1. Does Robert Louis Stevenson offer before and after childcare?

    Robert Louis Stevenson does offer before and after school childcare programs. 

    1. Does the school make accommodations for gifted students?

    Yes. Children are tested at the beginning of each school year and we design instructional programs to meet their needs in order for them to stay challenged. We currently have the services of a teacher for gifted children. 

    1. What are the school hours?

    School hours for students are 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for the current (2013 - 2014) school year. We anticipate the hours to remain the same for next year. 

    1. Any possibility of offering more than 6th grade? In other words, is there life after Millennium Schools?

    The school district is currently providing continuation programs at middle school sites. 

    1. What are the volunteer requirements that you talked about?

    Each family is required to put in 20 hours per school year. It has been proven time and again that students do better when their families are involved in the school. We found this requirement to be highly successful and many parents far exceed the 20 hours because they enjoy it so much. 

    1. Does Robert Louis Stevenson have equally strong science and math curriculums in addition to their special focus?

    Yes. Regardless of its focus, Robert Louis Stevenson teaches the core courses of math, social studies, science and reading. If a child is achieving at a higher level in some subjects, he/she is given more challenging work at a higher level. 

    1. How are teachers selected for Robert Louis Stevenson?

    With more than 2,000 qualified teachers in Brevard County's School District and an ample applicant pool from throughout the country, we have been able to attract some of the county’s finest teachers and specialists. 

    1. Do you offer any services for Special Education students?

    Yes, limited Special Education services are available in the areas of speech, gifted education and resource learning disabled. 

    1. Is the curriculum for reading and math the same at all schools?

    Yes, Robert Louis Stevenson follows all Florida Sunshine State Standards and Brevard County School District Grade Level Expectations 

    1. Does Robert Louis Stevenson offer standardized tests like the other public schools?


    1. What are the current families saying about theRobert Louis Stevenson experience?

    We’ve heard hundreds of positive reports from parents who are thrilled to see their children excited about school again. We’ve been told in focus groups with parents that their children are eager to go to school each day and are happy and having fun. Parents especially comment on the quality of our teachers and staff and on the uniforms. They like the attractiveness of the uniforms and feel they help create a non-competitive social environment. 

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