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  • What if I lose my Bus Badge?

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       Student Replacement Bus Badge (one free replacement badge only)

    • Parent or student notifies their school they have lost their bus badge and need a replacement. (One free replacement only).
    • School fills out Student Replacement Bus Badge Form.
    • Transportation receives the Student Replacement Bus Badge Form and determines if the student is eligible for the free bus badge. (Free first time only).
    • If yes, Transportation notifies the appropriate compound to print a new badge.
      • Compound gives the bus badge to the appropriate bus driver.
      • Bus driver gives the bus badge to the student.
    • If no, a new badge may be ordered from the badge replacement marketplace at a cost of $7.50 plus shipping and handling or a digital badge can be downloaded from FOCUS and saved to the child's phone.


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  • How do I download a digital bus badge?

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       The barcode can be accessed through the Brevard Focus App. Please follow these instructions to access the barcode and place it on the student's phone:

    Logging in from a parent's Focus Account

    1. Download Brevard Focus App
    2. Log in using your parent Focus log in
    3. Enter Password
    4. Click on the barcode next to the student's name
    5. Take a screenshot and save the image to the phone

    Logging in from a student's Focus Account

    1. Download Brevard Focus App
    2. Log in using your student’s district email address: (i.e. studentid@brevardschools.org)
    3. Log in to Microsoft using your student’s district email address (i.e. studentid@st.brevardschools.org)
    4. Enter Password
    5. Click on ☰
    6. Click on Virtual ID Badge
    7. Take a screenshot and save the image to the phone
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  • Why do some student badges have the Nation Suicide Prevention phone number on the back of them?

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       Recent reporting suggests that there is an increase in the number of children and young adults experiencing
    mental health crises, both nationally and in the state of Florida. In 2019, 319 children, ages 5 through 24, died
    by suicide in Florida. To provide increased access to mental health resources, the bill requires student
    identification cards newly issued by school districts to students in grades 6 through 12 include the numbers for
    national or state crisis and suicide hotlines and text lines. School districts must comply with this requirement
    beginning with the 2021-2022 school year.

    (CS/HB 489 Student Identification Cards)

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  • May my child ride a different bus home?

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       No. A student is only authorized to ride on the bus they are registered on and use the bus stop closest to their home address of record.


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  • Who is eligible for transportation?

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       According to Florida Statues the students eligible for transportation are the ones that live more than 2 miles from the school. This is measured from where the home property meets the right-of-way to the nearest student entrance at the school building. The path measured is the shortest walking path, and this path may include sidewalks, unpaved walkways along the road (flat or not, mowed or not), sidewalks or paths that form short-cuts from a neighborhood to a school, etc. In most instances this measurement will be shorter than the distance a car would drive from its home driveway to school front entrance.
       As a school district, we do not receive funds for students that are transported who live less than 2-miles from the school. To assist with families that are concerned about having their child walk nearly 2 miles, we have a fee-based transportation option they can apply for. Please see the FAQ titled “How Do I Request Fee-Based Transportation?"


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  • How Do I Request Fee-Based Transportation?

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       Fee based busing begins 15 school days after the start of school. Parents may go to their child’s school office and request an application for fee-based busing. The completed application must be sent to and approved by a router using the new Fee Based Google Form. Do not send it in via email. A router will verify seating availability for bus requests. Once a router has determined if there is seating available on the bus from the nearest bus stop outside the 2-mile walk limit of the school, the application will then be approved and you will be notified of the fee charge for that semester. The parent will need to bring payment to the school and sign the form. Once the application is complete, the application and payment can be sent to Debra Cooper at Central Area Transportation. Please make checks or money orders out to Brevard Public Schools. When payment has cleared**, a bus registration slip will be sent to the school for parent pickup.


    We can only accept checks or money orders, NO CASH is permitted.


    If you have any further questions please contact Routing and Dispatch via busrouters@brevardschools.org.


    **Due to Courier pick-up and delivery dates, bus passes will not be available the same day payment is made. It can take up to three (3) school days for transportation to receive payment once received by a school. If payment is made in person at Transportation, it can still take up to two (2) school days for the bus pass to be issued.

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  • My ESE child is not going to school today and does not need the bus. Who do I call?

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       The parent should call dispatch directly at 321-617-7776, option 5, and let us know that their student will be absent, their name, and bus route number ( i.e. M20, C15,...). If the parent knows the student will be out for a week or more, please call dispatch so they can notify the driver of those dates.


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