Reaxium School Bus System

Children Getting on the bus
  •  Dear Parents, Guardians & Families,


       We realize how essential it is for you to be connected  with your children while on the school bus. When it comes to student safety, it all begins on the school bus trip to school. Our commitment is to keep the yellow school bus the safest ride for your children!


      For this reason,  Brevard Public Schools has been working closely with ReaXium to provide parents and legal guardians the best tools to monitor their children with ease. Once registered, you will be able to:

    • Monitor your students’ status
    • Get notified of unforeseen changes

    • Track the bus location

    • Ensure the right bus & stop


    How To Get Started?

    1. Check your Email Inbox

    The app is only accessible by authorized parents and guardians. If your child is a registered BPSl student, you should have received an invitation code and the app's link via email. If you have not received an email, you can still get on board and request a code after downloading the app.

    1. Register

    Once you have received your unique, secure invitation code, copy it and download the MyReaXiumApp to finish registering.

    The MyReaXiumApp is available in the iOS App Store and in the Android Google Play Store for download. 

    1. You are on board!

    After creating your password, you are good to go! Get familiar with the app by checking out these short videos to make sure you can stay connected to your child’s transportation information and updates.


    How Do We Make This Happen?


    Drivers will have buses outfitted with a device to guide them during the trip and notify them of the right stop and student roster. When the bus arrives at a stop or at school; students will “check-in” or “check-out” at the device with their school IDs to ensure they have safely arrived. 


    Families need to make sure their children take their badges every day.


    It is important because with their badge bus riders will be able to check-in and out when boarding and leaving the bus. By using the MyReaXiumApp, users can access their child's specific student and bus information, as well as receive real-time updates.


    If preferred, the barcode can be accessed through the Brevard Focus App. Please follow these instructions to access the barcode and place on student phone:

    1. Download Brevard Focus App
    2. Log in using your student’s district email address: (i.e.
    3. Log in to Microsoft using your student’s district email address (i.e.
    4. Enter Password
    5. Click on ☰
    6. Click on Virtual ID Badge





    For assistance with the MyReaXiumApp, use the GET SUPPORT button on the ReaXium website or directly on the App! 

    For more information about the app click here.

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