Responsibilities and Discipline Policy

  • Parent Responsibilities 

    1. Notify the program immediately regarding changes to information on child’s application.
    2. Contact the program by phone or with written communication the day before, or the morning when drop-in-services are needed.
    3. Notify the School Aged Childcare program at the earliest moment if your child is absent or checked out of school early.
    4. Sign your child in or out; when you drop or pick them up.
    5. Check the parent information board on a daily basis.

    Discipline Policy

    Discipline procedures in the Brevard After School Care program are consistent with the McAuliffe discipline policy guidelines, with the exception of detention and suspension. Children are expected to participate in center activities and behave in a manner that enables them to enjoy and benefit from the program and activities. Discipline is accomplished through a positive measure of discussion and short periods of time out. If necessary, the parents will be contacted if a child is not complying with the policy.

    When discipline problems cannot be resolved and three conduct reports are given, termination of service may occur.

    The following guidelines will help promote the development of respect for one’s self and others:

    • Listen carefully and follow directions
    • Observe safety rules
    • Use appropriate language
    • No name calling or teasing
    • Respect others
    • Listen with eyes and ears
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
    • Discuss instead of arguing
    • Be polite and use good manners 

    Homework Policy

    We provide homework time in the cafeteria Monday through Thursday from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm for students in first through sixth grade. It is the child’s responsibility to sign up for homework daily. 

    We provide a quiet area with supervision. Please keep in mind we do not have the staff to provide individual tutoring

    If they require additional homework time they may continue working in the cafeteria while other activities are taking place or take their work outside to complete.