• May 28, 2020

    A message from DELAURA MIDDLE

    Good Evening Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

        The last day of school, we made it!  I know that this last part of the year was challenging for you as parents & guardians as you navigated the pandemic as it related to careers, childcare, staying healthy, and the overall safety of your family.  I could not be more proud of our faculty, staff, community and our parents for helping our students finish out the year strong.  This experience will no doubt help teach our students the “grit” that it takes to succeed in tough times such as these with COVID19.  So congratulations to YOU and our students for making it until the end of the year!

    For our 8th Graders, we will miss everyone as they start their journey in high school and embark on these last four years of their “secondary school” adventure before heading off into college and/or career success.  For us parents, I know that it seems like it was just yesterday that we were taking pictures of their 1st day of kindergarten with them sitting at their new desk with their name tag on it.   Please take some time to talk with your children and congratulate them on making it this far and know that their high school journey will be an even more important step as they grow into young adults.  Be sure to dig up those old kindergarten pictures and reminisce on their journey so far too J   Although we would have loved to give our 8th graders the “send-off’ they deserve with awards nights, spring concerts and a Gradventure trip, I am certain their high school graduations, four years from now, will be even more meaningful. Although we wanted to do an "in person" celebration at the school for our 8th graders, the current Governor's orders prevents a gathering of more than 10 people (even if spaced 6 feet apart).  Although we pressed to do this type of celebration, we had to err on the side of safety for all involved.   Our teachers & staff have prepared a few pictures & messages in a PowerPoint show that will be available on our school webpage. 

    Please see below for a few important highlights as we close out the 2019-2020 school year:

    • Summer Office Hours begin on June 1st – We will be open from 7:00am – 3:00pm, Monday – Friday until July 31st by appointment only.  There will be no “walk-in” opportunities, an appointment is required to maintain social distancing requirements.   The front office staff will be available via telephone at (321) 773-7581 for any questions or to schedule a time to come in or you can email us at DeLauraMiddle@brevardschools.org 


    • Yearbooks – If you did not pick-up your pre-ordered yearbook this week, they will be kept in the front office for pickup-up.  Please call our front office at (321) 773-7581 to set-up a time for pickup


    • Summer Activities (i.e. fundraisers, workouts, tryouts, camps) – ALL  summer student activities  for June have been canceled as of now per BPS.  We have not heard any information on July activities but will update when available


    • Item Pickup or drop-off – If you still have items to return or pickup after Friday, please call the front office at (321) 773-7581 to schedule a time.  Any missing items may have obligation forms transferred to the new school which can impact extracurricular activities

    As many of you are probably wondering, we are not sure what school will look like in August as of now due to COVID 19.  I am hopeful that we will be back in the classrooms with our kids and continuing to make our students better than they already are.  I encourage everyone to follow the Brevard Public Schools’ webpage and social media sites for updates this summer as it relates to the 2020-2021 school year. 

    It is such an honor to be the Principal of DeLaura and I am thankful to be able to serve such an amazing group of kids, parents, faculty, staff and the community. Being an alumni of the school myself, I take personal pride in continuing DeLaura's record of excellence that has existed for decades.  

    Stay safe and Go Scotties!

    Jeremy LeBrun





    A message from DELAURA MIDDLE

    Good Afternoon Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

      Just a reminder that we will be holding a “Drive Thru” style event for students to return and/or pickup items from the school from Tuesday, May 26th – Friday, May 29th from 7:30am – 12:00pm at the school.  During this event, it is important that all parents and students remain in their cars, practice social distancing and ensure a safe environment for all.   Please look at the attached PDF map/visual for the drive-thru route.  No one will be permitted to walk around the campus, the parking lot or other parts of the campus.  Please come at the time that is best for you and your family during these timeframes.  

    Yearbooks will be available for pickup for those who have paid in full.  Also, the yearbook manufacturer has informed us that due to Covid19, special items such as photo pockets, autograph pages, clear covers, etc. have not been shipped.  These will be available at a later date but the actual physical yearbooks are indeed here.  For any yearbook related questions, please email our yearbook sponsor at Swinehart.Kim@Brevardschools.org. 

      The following items are examples of what may need to be Picked-up by parents OR returned to the school the week of May 26th – May 29th from 7:30am – 12:00pm:

    • Laptops + Power Cords
    • Yearbook **Only yearbooks that have been paid in full will be available for pickup**
    • Completed Registration Packets
    • Textbooks
    • Library Books
    • PE/Gym Locker Content pickups **items are bagged with student names on them**
    • Musical Instruments or Uniforms
    • Basketball or Cheer Uniforms
    • Dress Code Items

    Please look at the attached PDF map/visual for the drive-thru route which will ensure smooth flow and safety for all.  It is basically the same route as the morning drop-off line on a normal day of school.  A few important highlights from the attached PDF map/visual:

    • You DON’T have to go down the Music Drop-off “Loop” if you don’t have any music items
    • The Yearbook Pickup and Gym Locker Contents pickup is in the bus loop off of Jackson Avenue.  You DON’T have to go through the entire loop if you are JUST getting a yearbook or gym locker items, just enter the bus loop from Jackson Ave
    • Ms. Curran (band) has also sent out additional options for band parents, please email her with any band related questions at Curran.Veronica@Brevardschools.org

    If you have any questions, please email our general inbox at DeLauraMiddle@brevardschools.org .  We miss everyone and Go Scotties! 

    Jeremy LeBrun


    File attachments: 



    A message from DELAURA MIDDLE

    Good Afternoon Parents, Guardians and Caregivers, 

       As we near the end of the year, we will be conducting a "drive through" style process in our car loop for returning or picking up school related items.  On Tuesday, May 26th through Friday, May 29th from 7:30am - 12:00pm each day, DeLaura staff will be available to take items that need to be returned to the school such as:

    • Textbooks
    • Library Books
    • Classroom Supplies
    • Laptops 
    • Musical Instruments
    • Music Uniforms or accessories 
    • Any other item that needs to be returned

    You may come at any point during the dates & times above that work for your schedule. In addition to taking the items from students, we will also be distributing yearbooks to those who ordered them and the contents of gym lockers in individually labeled bags.  We will send out another Email with specifics of how the "drive through" process will work but we just wanted to make sure that you had the dates and times for the drop-off or pick-ups on your calendars.   The "drive through" style process will allow all staff and community members to follow social distancing guidelines and ensure a safe environment while in our car loop.  

    Please contact the individual teacher if you have any questions relating to textbooks, library books, class supplies or other materials to be returned.    We will also post the information on school's website and facebook page for future reference.  Stay tuned for more details but please begin the process of locating these materials in your household.  


    April 19, 2020

    A message from DELAURA MIDDLE

    Good Afternoon Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

      We have officially finished week THREE of distance learning and we are 1/3 of the way there until the end of the school year!  I know that this has been a difficult time for all and the transition to working & learning from home is a difficult one.  I just want to thank all of the parents & guardians who have reached out to provide positive comments, suggestions/ideas for improvements or just general comments.   I am fairly certain that this is every one's first experience with a true pandemic and I am so impressed with how our teachers, students, parents and community has responded. 

    I just wanted to take some time to provide all of our stakeholders with a few important updates:

    • Per the Governor’s announcement on 4/18/20, distance learning will continue for the rest of the 19-20 school year.  We will continue the current model and finish out the year on distance learning.  Our entire team was saddened to hear that our kids would not be returning to the building but we know that decisions are made with the health and safety of the community in mind.  We miss our Scotties!
    • Course specific Final Exams for this year were canceled per the BPS school board.  Students' 2nd semester grade will be an average of their 3rd nine week's and 4th nine week's grade. EOC's & FSA's were also previously canceled by the Governor
    • Please continue to reach out to your student’s teacher’s and let them know of any struggles or health issues that are occurring in your home.   This is our teachers’ first experience with a pandemic and going to remote learning in ONE week but they really do have our kid’s best interest in mind.  They have the delicate job of providing standards-based curriculum that is meeting the intent of the state standards while also balancing the notion of not overwhelming their students.  A difficult balance but one they are committed to.   
    • I have been sharing the feedback received from parents which includes reminding our teachers to limit the number of places to find information and to also be mindful of the workload for our kids.  Please reach out to individual teachers if you are encountering excessive amounts of workload for certain weeks and/or for your situation
    • Please do not be afraid to share any positive comments or words of encouragement with your child’s teachers if you feel things are going well!  I have spoken with so many of our faculty who are working nights, weekends and many more hours than a traditional day to make this happen for our kids.  Don’t be shy about giving them a “pat on the back” if you feel they deserve it!
    • Student E-mail – Students DO have access to E-mail through Launchpad.  See the links below for helpful screen shots of how students can send/receive E-mails


    • End of year “Tasks” – With school being closed for the remainder of the year, the admin team will be formulating plans and processes for common “end of year” tasks.  Examples include gym locker clean outs, yearbook information and a few other tasks to “close out the year”.  We will be sure to communicate those processes once we have more information on how they will happen.  Challenges include ensuring the 6 feet social distancing rule, keeping rooms sterile and many other challenges but we will have a safe and simple solution for all tasks.  ​
    • General E-mail Address – The campus building is currently closed for all employees and all parent inquiries that you may have called the front office for prior should be sent to:  DeLauraMiddle@Brevardschools.org 

    For parents, please know that YOU are doing all you can for your kids and that this is a truly unique time for everyone.  It is trying for even the most organized professionals to fulfil their work duties from home, juggle finances, monitor your new “homeschool students”, provide childcare and do all you can to keep your family safe during this pandemic.  I encourage you to show “Grace & Flexibility” on yourself at home during this time in addition to your children, their teachers and the community.  I personally have a daughter who is in first grade and I recently had to reach out to her teacher because I missed some assignments on FOCUS that were to be printed out and scanned in!  I felt terrible because it was my fault but the teacher was able to work with me and show “grace”.  It can happen to the best of us who even have first-hand experience and knowledge of the “system”!  I would also encourage you to take this time with your children to really explore new areas of their interests or partake in family activities that you may not have had the luxury of time to do before.  A silver lining can always be found if we look hard enough!

    Also, rest assured that teachers across the county are ready to “meet students where they are” in their learning when they return for the 2020-2021 school year.  I know that for DeLaura, our mission will be to look for any learning gaps that occurred during this last 9 weeks, formulate lessons and resources to address them and make our Scotties even better than they already are!  Have a great week and go Scotties!

    Jeremy LeBrun,Principal 




    April 6, 2020

    A message from DELAURA MIDDLE

    Good Morning Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

       I want to thank everyone for a successful launch of our first week of remote instruction!  For anyone that experienced hiccups with logging-in on the first few days or having computer issues, I believe that most of those have been sorted out after that first week.  Please continue to contact us if you experience any issues as we start on week two of online instruction.  Thank you to all of the parents for sharing feedback and observations from their students during this transition,  these are all shared with teachers to make them aware of any struggles our students are experiencing.  As we all are dealing with a variety of difficulties during this time, we want to make sure our Scotties feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible!

    A few important announcements for the upcoming week:

    • All physical Brevard Public Schools offices will be closed beginning Thursday, April 9th until further notice.  This is in accordance with the Governor’s orders and for the health and safety of our employees. Online instruction will continue as scheduled and all employees are still available via E-mail for any issues or assistance.  There will be no employees at the school to answer phone calls, please use E-mail to contact all employees. 
    • If you need to contact any employee at DeLaura, the DeLaura Staff E-mail Directory is located at: https://www.brevardschools.org/domain/7673.  The classroom teacher should be the first contact for any questions related to students’ classes or assignments. 
    • Have a questions but aren’t sure who to E-mail?  We have created a “general” email account that is monitored and we can help direct it to the appropriate person.  The E-mail address for general inquires (i.e. something you might call the front office for) is: DeLauraMiddle@brevardschools.org 
    • Just a reminder, students must click the green “I’M PRESENT” button on FOCUS each day to record their attendance, and get their assignments for each class
    • Our teachers and administration are trying to touch base with all students, including those who have not logged in or submitted work regularly.  Remember that as of now, all work being done through this online instructional period will count towards student’s fourth nine weeks grade, semester grade and will be used for promotion requirements to the next grade level.  It is extremely important for students to keep up with their work and turn assignments in on time.  We are reminding teachers of the need to focus on “quality over quantity” in regards to workload and to be mindful of the global pandemic we are in.  We appreciate your help as we head into the second week of virtual instruction, I am hopeful that our students are starting to get more comfortable with the concept
    • Parent Tip for FOCUS – If you log into your PARENT account for FOCUS, there should be a “calendar” icon/feature on the main page that you can click on (near the middle/bottom of the main page).  Once you click on it, this should allow you to see assignments in a “calendar view” that may be helpful for planning purposes
    • Gradventure & Sea World field trip refunds are currently being processed by the district. Once completed, they will be mailed to the residential address we have listed in our student registration records.  We do not have an exact timeline as of this moment on when they will be mailed, any updates will be sent out to all parents

    In closing, I can speak for all of our staff that we really miss seeing the kids every day!  I have spoken to many teachers relating to this and there really is no comparison for the feeling of joy that we get having kids learning in our classrooms and buildings.  I am hopeful that we can bridge this gap using remote instruction and our kids can return to normalcy as soon as possible.  Our entire team is doing everything possible to ensure our kids continue to learn at home and your efforts as parents/guardians are truly amazing during this time.  We know it is a difficult premise for parents to juggle career stress, work from home, provide childcare, help your students monitor the various assignments and navigate the world in this difficult time.  Our kids are lucky to have such a supportive group in their corner!  Stay strong parents & guardians, we got this!

    Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we are only one E-mail away! Go Scotties!

    Jeremy LeBrun, Principal 


    March 31, 2020

    A message from DELAURA MIDDLE

    Dear Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

       I just wanted to tell all of our hardworking parents & caregivers “Thank you” for assisting your students on Monday and ensuring that they made an effort to log-in on the 1st day of remote instruction. Our team was able to successfully assist parents and students with a variety of issues ranging from forgotten passwords, WiFi router issues and FOCUS help. Students are expected to log-in to FOCUS at least once daily (at any time of the day) to check their work and be counted as present for the day. FOCUS is best accessed through Launchpad

     We only had approximately 40 students out of 850 kids that had not had success logging in yet on Monday! We will have those remaining students "ready to go" by the end of today.   I anticipate that after this first week, you will find a schedule that works for your family and the learning curve will decrease as time goes on.   I just want to reiterate that we at DeLaura are operating with a mindset of “Grace” and “Flexibility” toward our students & parents as we navigate this new adventure.  Also, just a reminder to stay in contact with your teachers as they roll-out out their FOCUS web pages, Google classrooms and other online resources.  They basically had ONE week of planning to turn their regularly scheduled lesson plans into an “online format” for delivery on Monday.  

    Parents, please do not stress if you were unable to log-in on Monday due to network congestion, password issues, working from home yourself or some other hurdle that was encountered. Our whole team is available to assist with any problems and get all of our students online.  Please do not hesitate to E-mail one of our administrators (Mr. LeBrun, Ms. Barna  or Ms. Evans) or our school technology associate (Robert “Jay” Kelso) if you have ANY issues.  Our front office is also available from 9:00am – 3:00pm to answer phone calls or schedule appointments for important items. Our main goal is to assist our kids and parents in any way possible as we get rolling on remote instruction!

    For our 8th grade students, Gradventure 2020 has been canceled and refunds will be given for all families who paid.  The district office will be processing all refunds and we will update parents once we have information about the release of funds.  We are sad that this occurred but it is in the best interest of the health and safety of our students and staff.

    Lastly, as many of you saw last night on the news or social media, the state Florida has extended remote learning through May 4th.   Please continue to check the BPS website, the DeLaura website and your preferred news outlet for future updates.  Every “Principal’s E-mail Update” that is sent out to parents is also posted on the front of our webpage, please share this if you know of a friend or family member that is not getting our E-mails.  The E-mails also contain all of the helpful links that have been sent out relating to Launchpad, FOCUS Help, Microsoft Office 365 for students and our school’s online learning plan. 

    Please maintain communication with our teachers and staff, we look forward to helping all of our students in this online learning adventure.  Go Scotties!

    Jeremy LeBrun, Principal 

    File attachments:





    March 30, 2020

    A message from DELAURA MIDDLE

    Good Morning Parents, Guardians and Caregivers, 

      I want to wish everyone the best as we begin this online adventure today, I am certain that we will find success after everyone gets oriented to the new platform.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues or e-mail  the classroom teacher for course related questions.  The main goal is for all students to get on Launchpad and log into FOCUS at some point today.  Launchpad is most easily accessed on Google chrome and there is a link on the front page of the BPS website.  I have also attached screenshots to this E-mail of where to find launchpad and how to log-in.   Once you get into your student's launchpad, all other apps or links should "automatically" sign-in by clicking on them.  Remember our three "themes" as we embark on this journey together: Grace, flexibility and communication.  Have GRACE when launchpad or FOCUS is slow, COMMUNICATE with teachers early in the process and be flexible with all of our learners as this is new for everyone.  

    Also, I have attached the reminder that all students are eligible for FREE Microsoft office 365 at home on up to 5 computers.  Please see the attached document for how to sign-up for this awesome resource!  Please don't worry these next few days if you experience a few "hiccups", we will all come together as team as teachers, parents, students and staff and make sure our kids continue learning!  

    DeLaura Teacher/Staff E-mail Directory: https://www.brevardschools.org/domain/7673

    Jeremy LeBrun, Principal 




    March 27, 2020

    A message from DELAURA MIDDLE

    Good Afternnon Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

        I just wanted to send one last message this week before we go “live” with remote instruction on Monday and also provide some additional resources to everyone.  The next week is going to feel like the “1st day of school” for everyone: teachers, parents, students and staff.  Just as with the first day of school, when your student may have had trouble finding their classes, remembering their gym locker combination or some other form of being disoriented with their surroundings, the first few days of online learning will have a similar feeling. The important thing is to know that we are all in the same situation and we will always do what is right for kids.  So if you have issues logging on, internet outages or some other technical glitch next week, please know that it will be ok! Please tell your kids not to stress and please do not stress as parents during the early phases of next week.  You are doing the best you can with juggling careers, working from home, caring for relatives, trying to find toilet paper J  and now “online facilitator “ for home learning.  No one is going to penalized for issues that occur during the “launch phase” of remote learning, we are all here to help.    Let us all remember our three words to live by as we embark on this new journey – Grace, Flexibility & Communication. 

    On Monday, there will most likely be some issues as all 72,000 kids in Brevard try to navigate online learning but I want to remind everyone that we have such a dedicated team of teachers, support staff, administrators and parents that are going to help our kids thrive in this new learning environment.  So be assured, that the first few days may feel a little uneasy or difficult but we have such amazing and resourceful kids that they will undoubtedly thrive on this new adventure.  Just a reminder that LAUNCHPAD must be accessed using the Google Chrome browser and that is the EASIEST way for students to access their FOCUS account, google classroom and many other resources.  Once they are logged into Launchpad, everything else should automatically sign them in and be a breeze! The launchpad link can be found on the BPS website on the front page. 

    Also, just a reminder that students should be logging in through LaunchPad into their STUDENT FOCUS account daily so they are logged as “attending” and checking their assignments for the day.  It is expected that students should be working on their assignments or interacting with FOCUS daily.  Also, for parents, this will help keep them on a schedule that has them doing school-work every day which I am sure you will be in support of.  If you still have a need for a computer, please call our front office to schedule a pick-up.  These laptops are for those who truly do not have access at home and have no other way of getting online.  We had a GREAT distribution of devices this week and I think that most families who needed a device now have one in their hands.

    Lastly, I have attached a few documents that may help you as parents navigate this time period of remote learning. Most important, I would involve your student in planning out a daily schedule and consider their input when designing it. Remember, ALL of our staff is still available by E-mail and they can be found on our website’s directory at https://www.brevardschools.org/domain/7673.  Don’t forget to check our school website for updates and links to important information at https://www.brevardschools.org/DeLauraMS.  I will be in touch early next week with another parent update but please try to enjoy the weekend with your loved ones.

    Go Virtual, Online, Remote-learning Scotties!

    Jeremy LeBrun, Principal 

    Student Tips For Success

    DeLaura Plan for Distance Learning




    March 26, 2020

    A message from DELAURA MIDDLE

    Good Evening, Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

       First and foremost, I hope that all of our students and families are safe and healthy!  I want to thank everyone for the positive comments and flexibility as we move toward remote instruction on March 30th!  Some of our teachers have started to put items on FOCUS to give students a chance to practice how to log in and get familiar with the online systems. However, nothing officially is to be posted until March 30th, so it is ok if you don’t see any activity by the teacher on FOCUS this week.  They are most likely getting things ready “behind the scenes” for their kids.  I encourage everyone to practice with their children over the next few days and ensure that they can log-in to FOCUS and Launchpad.  If you cannot, please feel free to call our front office and we can direct your calls to someone who can assist.  Remember, remote/online instruction does NOT officially start until March 30th so we still have time to sort out any issues. 

    I also just want to remind everyone of a few words that will help EVERYONE as we navigate with this transition to online learning as a result of this pandemic: Grace, Flexibility and Communication.  Our staff is working Non-stop to ensure that our kids can continue to learn and make progress on mastering the state standards.  I have been so encouraged by all of our teachers and staff that are finding creative ways to get resources for students and make their online classrooms a comfortable environment.  Our support staff has been working tirelessly to get all the help they can to families.  Also, to our parents who have no doubt been juggling working from home, providing childcare and also taking on the role as an “online facilitator” for your children, we recognize your hard work.  Your dedication in this time of need is truly commendable and we will do all we can to support you at home during this adventure. 

    Please see below for a few updates and important information.   I have also attached DeLaura’s Distance Learning Plan again for your review which should help answer some questions or clarify expectations.


    • 3rd Nine week grades should now be complete.  If you have any questions, please reach out to the classroom teacher for assistance

    DeLaura website – FAQ and Principal Updates

    School Hours:

    • Starting next week (March 30th) through TBA , we will only have a “skeleton crew “ of roughly 3 people working physically at the school.  All other staff will be working remotely to fulfill job functions.
    • Office Hours for calls and “appointment only” visits will be from 9:00am – 3:00pm. 
    • All school personnel are still available through E-mail during this time as they work remotely

    Helpful Links for parents:

    Important Contacts:

    • Specific Class related questions on assignments or resources - Please contact the individual teacher first for assistance
    • Technology & Launchpad related questions – Jay Kelso – Kelso.Robert@brevardschools.org
    • FOCUS Help - Amy Evans at  Evans.Amy@brevardschools.org
    • Staff directory E-mail addresses for specific questions (guidance, front office, Principal, etc.) can be found in our school directory: https://www.brevardschools.org/domain/7673

    From everyone at DeLaura, we miss our students and hope they get to come back soon J  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or email me personally.  Go Scotties!

    Jeremy LeBrun


    File attachments:
    Distance Learning Plan for DeLaura Middle School - Click Here


    March 24, 2020

    A message from DELAURA MIDDLE

    Good Evening Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

     I just wanted to provide another update as it relates to the March 30th start date for remote instruction and also share DeLaura’s Continuity plan for online instruction.  Our teachers have been working hard and we recently had a virtual “Faculty meeting” with 55 participants on a video conference to review curriculum procedures.  It was a great experience for everyone and it gave us a sense of what online collaboration and instruction can feel like J Know that our teachers are working hard and getting their virtual “classrooms” ready for students.  Our faculty meeting had three themes which were; (1) Show Grace, (2) Flexibility & (3) Communication.  We want ALL parties to show “grace” during this difficult time (teacher to student, student to teacher, parent to teacher and teacher to parent), be flexible with finding ways for our students to show mastery of the standards and to communicate as much as possible. 

    Thank you to those parents who have called in and let us know they need assistance with providing devices for their students at home.  We want to make sure that any student who does not have device at home has the ability to use one of ours from the school.  We have logged every person who has called us and kept a running record of those students without a device.   We will be contacting those families on Wednesday to setup pick-up times for Thursday and Friday.  The pick-up times will be spaced-out throughout the day to ensure that we do not have multiple people arriving at once and exceeding the under “10 person rule” for our office. 

    Lastly, attached to this E-mail you will find DeLaura’s Continuity of Instruction Plan for the near future.  This plan will ensure that our students receive lessons and resources that are aligned with our state standards.  All I ask is that everyone shows “grace” to all during this process as it is new for everyone and all of us are dealing with the struggles associated with the pandemic in their lives.  Our staff will do everything we can to help our Scotties! I attached a document that may help parents with LAUNCHPAD at home as well. 

    Also, the District Parent FOCUS website is linked here, https://sites.google.com/share.brevardschools.org/bps-focus-for-parents-and-stud/welcome?authuser=0, which is very helpful.  Please feel free to Email or call with any questions or concerns.  

    Go “virtual” Scotties!

    Jeremy LeBrun, Principal 

    File attachments:
    Distance Learning Plan for DeLaura Middle School

    Log onto Launchpad






    March 22. 2020

    A message from DELAURA MIDDLE

    Good Evening Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

       I hope all of our families that are reading this are well and that everyone has been able to at least find some time to enjoy Spring Break with your loved ones.  This is a difficult time and I know that many of us are dealing with uncertainty as it relates to our health, education,  careers and or other segments of our lives.  I do want to assure you that ONE area that you can feel confident in is that DeLaura is going to make certain that your child still receives the instruction, resources and curriculum that allows them to master the state standards while they learn at home.  As you can imagine, going from a 100% “in person” instruction model to a 100% “remote/online” environment is a daunting task, let alone accomplishing it in ONE week.  Additionally, your new role as an “in-home facilitator” is a daunting task as well and I am confident that our teachers and families working as a team will ensure success during this change in instruction format.  I am confident that we will find success for our DeLaura Scottie learners!

    Just a reminder, remote/online instruction does not start until MARCH 30th and our teachers will be spending the next week getting their lessons into a digital/online accessible format for all of our students.  During this process, we will be “re-packing” the curriculum into various formats that will meet the needs of all students.  The last two days before Spring break, our ELA classes had students take a survey about online access at home and we collected the names of students who lacked internet, mobile/computer devices or both.  We will be reaching out to those families in the next few days to find solutions to those barriers and will make certain that all students have access.  I will continue to send updates via E-mail, so please check your e-mail and be sure to let other parents know as well who may not check e-mail regularly.  We will also post any E-mails to the DeLaura website and will also send out a Facebook Post with relevant details from the Principal’s E-mails as needed.

    A few Important reminders for all:

    • Online/Remote Instruction does not officially start until March 30th.  However, you as parents can encourage your “students” to review/refresh their knowledge on what they have learned thus far with their materials they may already have at home (Launchpad, textbooks, notes, handouts, etc.).  Even reading for pleasure for at least 30 minutes can help get them from “Spring Break” mode into this new digital learning format mindset.


    • DeLaura’s front offices are closed to the public for “walk-in”,in-person visits per executive/district order but we are available on the phone or E-mail to help with any issues or questions.  Please call (321) 773-7581 to speak with someone in the front office between the hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday Through Friday.  For essential items, we will have a few appointment times available each day to meet with parents or families but we are limited as we are mandated to stay below the “10 person” rule and ALSO stay 6 feet apart for proper social distancing.


    • E-mail is the most efficient method of communication for now and our school directory can be found here: https://www.brevardschools.org/domain/7673.  Only essential staff are allowed to be working (approximately 7 people total) at the school site, so please keep that in mind when calling.


    • FOCUS will be the “STARTING POINT” for all curriculum/assignments that occur during remote/online learning starting March 30th .  Please ensure that you and your child can access FOCUS & Launchpad over the next week.  If you can’t and resetting the password doesn’t work, please call the front office and we will re-direct your call to someone who can assist.


    • We will be adding a "Frequently Asked Questions" to the front page of our websites as we get questions from parents.  This may be helpful if mulitple parents have simialr questions, so please be sure to check that once its up and running. 

    I will continue to stay in touch with our families and know that we will absolutely make this work!  Go Scotties!

    Jeremy LeBrun, Principal