• A message from DELAURA MIDDLE SCHOOL for the Week of July 24, 2019


    Good Evening Scotties!

           We are SO excited for the 2019-2020 school year and we can’t wait to welcome everyone back! We had a tremendous year last year which saw DeLaura ranked as the top traditional middle school in the county!  Additionally, we were ranked in the top 7% of all middle schools in the entire state!  Way to go Scotties!

    Each week after school begins, I will send out a newsletter titled the “DeLaura Details” that highlights many of the week’s activities and upcoming events at DeLaura.  Please check with your friends and other families to ensure that they are receiving these E-mails and/or text messages.  If you are not receiving our e-mails or text messages, please call the front office at (321) 773-7581 to check that we have your most current E-mail and mobile phone number. I will send out a "test" text message with this E-mail for our new families to check on their ability to receive them.  

    Please see the attached PDF for the July edition of the “DeLaura Details” and be on the lookout for it every week starting August 12th! Please enjoy these last few weeks with your families and get ready for another awesome school year!

    Have a great evening,  Go Scotties!

     DMS Principal's Newsletter July 24 2019 

    Jeremy LeBrun


  • A message from DELAURA MIDDLE SCHOOL for the Week of August 9, 2019

    Good Evening Parents and Guardians,

     We are so excited for Monday and are ready to kick-off another FANTASTIC year here at DeLaura!  Our teachers had an AMAZING pre-planning and can’t wait to get the year going strong.  Each Friday evening, you will receive a Principal’s E-mail that contains a short message as well as the “DeLaura Details” PDF attachment that contains important dates, information and other relevant announcements.  Please check with friends and other families to ensure they are receiving these Friday updates.  For tonight’s message, be sure to read the two attachments to this E-mail (The DeLaura Details & The Afternoon Dismissal Map).  Also, we will be posting copies of the DeLaura Details & Principal’s E-mail each week on the DeLaura website @ https://www.brevardschools.org/Domain/24.

    New this year is the official DeLaura Facebook page that will provide helpful information, pictures/videos of events on campus and many important announcements.  It is just another way to get information relating to the school in addition to the weekly Principal E-mails, voice calls, school marquee, text alerts, FOCUS accounts and our school website.  Please “LIKE” our official DeLaura Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DeLaura-Middle-School-110342693635352/

    We look forward to seeing all of our returning students and also getting know our new 7th graders!  Being a Scottie is truly an honor and as an alumni of DeLaura myself, I take great pride in continuing the tradition of being the BEST middle school in the county and in the top 7% in the state of Florida!

    DeLaura Details Week of 8-9-19 CLICK HERE

    DeLaura Parking Lot Flow and Map CLICK HERE

    Go Scotties!

    Jeremy LeBrun, Principal

  • A message from DELAURA MIDDLE SCHOOL for the Week of September 13, 2019

    A message from DELAURA MIDDLE

    Dear Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

        We had an action-packed week with a ton of interesting classroom activities, exciting basketball games and our first Enrichment/Remediation time (called “power-hour”) on Friday.   Our boys and girls basketball teams played well this week and fought to the very end in every game.  Our girls team is really starting to get their chemistry going on the court and our boys team remains undefeated at the start of the season!  Our cheer squad did an amazing job of keeping the crowd involved with chants, tumbling routines and half-time performances.  Great job to our Scottie athletes!

    In the classroom this week, we had a TON of awesome lessons going on.  A few highlights from classroom observations include:

    • Science classes were learning how to utilize online research portals to look-up scholarly articles and documents
    • Science classes were completing several hands-on activities that included using the scientific method and science tools to predict what was in a mystery box, trying to figure out if breath mints can cool water and how to make raisins dance!
    • Math classes were participating in a research-based benchmark tool that provides valuable data to our teachers to use when designing lessons
    • PE classes were reviewing proper techniques for warm-ups, safety procedures, behaviors and the importance of these when doing physical activity

    Our first enrichment/remediation time (a research-based program called “Power-Hour”) was a HUGE success!  Every Friday morning, students have a roughly 45 minute window of time to visit any class they need extra help in, receive tutoring from their teachers, have time to complete homework before the weekend or read silently with a favorite novel.  As we monitored the time period, every student was using the time to better their academic status.  We also had so many students that wanted to silently read for that time, that we had to open up several extra rooms!  It is evident that we have a school full of students who love to read and literacy is the key to ALL academic areas.  Great job to our students and teachers during this time!

    It is truly an honor to be the Principal at DeLaura (my alma mater) and continue the tradition of excellence that has been established here. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Jeremy LeBrun


    Sept. 13 2019 Principal DeLaura Details



  • A message from DELAURA MIDDLE SCHOOL for the Week of September 20, 2019

    Good Evening Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

          We had another great week at DeLaura filled with exciting classroom lessons, teacher morale initiatives, victories on the basketball court and many other awesome activities! If you haven’t already done so, please review your child’s interim on FOCUS and make sure to check for any areas that your student may be struggling in.  Our teachers are only an E-mail or phone call away to get some assistance with what students can do to increase performance. 

    During classroom walkthroughs this week, we saw a TON of interesting activities and lessons being delivered:

    • Science students were conducting labs relating to kinetic movement and carbonated beverages
    • ELA Students were working on Central theme by studying popular Greek Mythology
    • ELA Students were reviewing the story “My Favorite Chaperone” and discussing characterization, making predictions and other skills
    • Culinary Students were learning the proper technique when making Grilled Cheese sandwiches and each had to fulfill their selected role as part of the kitchen staff
    • Algebra students were utilizing the Algebra nation online videos and reviewing a recent test to analyze for mistakes
    • Computer coding students were sharing their projects that they built “line by line” in their coding program

    Have a great weekend and Go Scotties!

    Jeremy LeBrun, Principal



  •  A message from DELAURA MIDDLE SCHOOL for the Week of September 27, 2019


    A message from DELAURA MIDDLE

    Dear Parents,  Guardians, and Caregivers,

      We are really starting to feel the almost cool air of the “Fall” season at DeLaura!  It was a great week with exciting basketball games, interesting classroom activities and many student clubs getting started for the year.  If you haven’t had a chance, check out our student newspaper called the “Scottie Sunrise” which is given out to all students in traditional paper format. Parents and community members can also view each issue on the DeLaura website and it so encouraging to see these young journalists produce a piece of writing that they can call their own.  Our school-wide fall fundraiser is in full swing and if you are thinking about ordering any Fall or Winter candles for this holiday season, please do so at the following link: www.yankeecandlefundraising.com and use the group code #990098180 for DeLaura to get credit.  We are trying to raise money for school-wide techology upgrades and new laptop carts for the classrooms. 

    A few highlights from classroom walkthroughs this week include:

    • ELA students were working on comprehending elements of the horror genre of literature
    • ELA students were identifying the various elements to a story (rising action, climax, etc.)
    • Culinary were learning the proper techniques to make pancakes
    • Science students were working on lab skills related to measuring with graduated cylinders, pipettes and following lab procedures
    • Math students were studying scale factors and using them to create objects that matched a designated scale factor's size

    If you haven’t had a chance to do so, please review your child’s grades on FOCUS as the end of the 9 weeks is approaching.  I would also encourage you to ask your child how they have used our weekly 45minute  remediation/enrichment time (called Power-Hour) on Friday’s and which teachers they have visited for extra help these last few weeks.  Students who are having success during Power-Hour are visiting their teachers where they have low grades, classes they are missing work in, using our computer labs to practice on Khan Academy, taking reading counts tests and many other activities.  It is a great way to help get them caught-up or stay ahead in their classes! 

    I hope everyone has a great weekend and Go Scotties!

    Jeremy LeBrun


    CLICK HERE for DeLaura Details Sept. 30 - Oct. 4, 2019