• We are proud to announce that once again we are able to offer students the option of purchasing voluntary student accident insurance through ‘School Insurance of Florida.” Please make sure that each application is included in your student registration packets or distributed to each of your students individually. This is a great benefit for parents that do not have health insurance for their child or for those that have insurance it is also a great benefit, as it provides:

    • Insurance on a one-time payment of $10 for Pre-K to 6" grade or $15 for 7" to 12 grade this will help parents recover up to $25,000 in medical expenses related to an accident at school.
    • Reimbursement for most if not all of the co-payments and deductibles associated with their own health insurance.
    • Parents with an option to purchase 24-hours per day coverage for an additional cost and this covers their child for most accidents on and off campus effective from the day after purchase and will remain in effect until the first day of school in 2019-20 as well as in-hospital sickness and increased dental coverage.
    • Additional coverage and cost information is found on the overview page or on the applications; you will receive at your school

    In addition to the paper application, School Insurance of Florida also allows a parent to purchase this insurance through their web page at www.schoolinsuranceofflorida.com. Ifa parent elects to purchase the insurance in this manner, the effective date of the policy will begin the next day.

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