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    Welcome to Brevard Thrive By Five, we want to partner with families from the very beginning and continue to support their child’s educational journey. Together, we can foster a love for learning, inspire creativity and discover your child’s interests, passions, and strengths. We are here to provide you with helpful resources along the way. Thrive By Five is an initiative launched by Brevard Public Schools’ Superintendent Dr. Mark Mullins to provide a pathway for every family in Brevard to learn the importance of early literacy beginning at birth, connect them to resources that promote readiness for school and set the stage for lifelong learning success. 

  • Watching your child grow and develop is like turning a kaleidoscope,
    each lens you look through shows you something new.

    Young boy looking through a kaleidoscope 

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                                Early Literacy

    African-American baby boy playing in the grass with colored blocks
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