• Destination MARS


    Destination MARS Club

    Meets Wednesdays and Thursdays in Ms. Guarino’s room

    Co-Sponsors: Mrs. Beck and Ms. Guarino



    The great “space race” is being revitalized with Mars in mind, a Space Coast Investor has given BPS a grant that will enable 5th and 6th graders to compete in a STEM Challenge.

    Our team will compete against other Brevard County Schools in space related mission assignments. Students will be challenged intellectually as they learn to work with AdaFruit circuit boards, Lego EV3 robots, Piper Computer Kits, and Minecraft. Students will learn a basic knowledge of computer coding and write programs to solve problems to various challenges as well as research about Mars and the possibility of Martian landings.

    The Team will be focusing on a Mission to Mars that will include engineering design challenges. These challenges will require students to consider landing sites, Martian terrain, mission goals and much more. This team is geared toward developing student’s problem solving, computer programming, collaborative and research skills.   This year the challenge includes 4 missions.

    • Mission: Minecraft BioDome

    Coding and designing in Minecraft to create a habitat on Mars.

    • Mission: Martian Base Camp Pod  

    Using the engineering design challenge model to create a model of something that will help humans inhabit and maintain homeostasis on Mars.

    • Mission: Lego Minestorm EV3

    Programming LEGO Mindstorm EV3 robots to maneuver on and complete tasks such as delivering the research module to its location and transporting astronauts on a giant map of MARS.

    • Mission:  I-wear

    Programming and designing circuit-based objects using MakeCode and Adafruit Circuit playgrounds to use on a wearable spacesuit on Mars