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  • What is my Username? Your username is the email address with which you registered.

    What if I want to play multiple sports? Once you complete a clearance for one sport and arrive at the Confirmation Message, you will have the option to check-off additional sports/activities for the current school year.  It is beneficial to select any sport or activity in which you think you may or may not participate, just to be safe.

    Why haven't I been cleared?  Mr. Raymond will review the information you have submitted and then will either clear or deny your child for participation.

    What's the difference between "In Progress" and "Pending"?  "In Progress" means that you still need to submit some additional information into Athletic Clearance before your child can be cleared.  This may be a physical, proof of insurance, or electronically sign the required documents.  "Pending" means that you are waiting for Mr. Raymond to review your information.  

  • *EL2 (physical):  Make sure that the physician stamps AND dates the 2nd page of the EL2.  ALL pages must be dated to be cleared.