• Student Registration and Enrollment information will be updated as needed.

    Enrollment/registration packets for next school year were sent home Wednesday, March 31, through 4th-period classes. Please complete the forms and have your student return the packet to the Guidance Office. By completing these forms now, you will benefit by receiving a “Fast Pass” when you pick up your student’s schedule on Saturday, July 31st.

    E-Learners and students without a 4th-period class on campus may pick up their enrollment packets at the Front Office.

    At the District's directive, we will be scheduling a 7-period day with face-to-face learning only.

    Students will be using a BPS Google Form to choose their academic and elective classes. The link is posted to the right and is also on FOCUS. The PDF copy of electives is now available and students should use the list to rank their choices prior to entering them on the Google Form (it is a long list). Course descriptions will be available shortly. Current teachers have made academic recommendations which will be used along with student and parent choices. Students and parents may use the Google Form to make requests.

    Current 8th-grade students should refer to the Registration Information for Current 8th Graders section of the Parent & Student web site.

    The date for picking up your student's schedule, bus pass, etc. is on campus Saturday, July 31 from 8 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. If you have monies owed or school property please bring payment or the item with you.