• Collection Development Procedures


    Objectives of the Selection Process for Developing the Library Collection:

    The responsibility for the selection of instructional materials rests with the certified school library  media specialist who completes the annual state training. The selection of media is a continuous and cooperative process involving  administrators, staff, students and parents. The primary objective of instructional materials and  equipment shall be to enrich, support, and implement the educational program of the school. As the  center of the educational program, the LMC provides materials and services that meet academic,  technical, personal, and social needs of the school community. To this end, the School Board of Brevard County subscribes to the principles laid down in the Library  Bill of Rights and affirms that it is the responsibility of the school library media center to support these  principles. 


    The Procedures for Selection Process for Developing the Library Collection: 

    • To provide materials for age and grade appropriate groups for which the materials are being used and made available.  

    • To provide a wide range of materials on varying levels of difficulty with a diversity of  appeal compatible with the different needs, interests, and viewpoints of students and teachers.

    • To provide materials which strengthen and enrich the school’s instructional program. 

    • To provide materials that will stimulate growth in literary appreciation, aesthetic values, and  ethical standards. 

    • To provide materials representative of the many religious, ethnic, cultural, and language groups,  and of their contribution to the heritage and culture of America and the world.

    • To place principle above personal opinion and reason above prejudice in the selection of  materials appropriate for the users of the school library media center. 

    • Provide for the regular removal or discontinuance of books based on, at a minimum, physical condition, rate of recent circulation, alignment to state academic standards and relevance to curriculum, out-of-date content, and required removal pursuant to subparagraph (a) 2. 

    • New Book Decision Tree

    • Stakeholder Input for New Books Decision Tree



    Criteria for Selection 

    Materials considered for purchase or donated are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

    • Overall purpose and need in relation to the curriculum. 

    • Educational significance. 

    • Quality of writing and production. 

    • Readability and user appeal. 

    • Reputation of the publisher/producer, author/artist, etc.

    • Consult the Department of Education’s published list of materials that were removed or discontinued as a result of an objection

    • Consult Brevard Public Schools published informal and formal objection lists.

    • Valid, accurate, objective, up-to-date, and appropriate information.

    • Survey stakeholders- teachers, students, parents administration

    • Require consultation of reputable, professionally recognized reviewing periodicals and school community stakeholder; Schools Advisory Committee. 

    • Book selection meets the selection criteria in section(s) 1006.40 (3)(d)


    Selection Aids 

    Selection aids are available on the web and through the Media Resource Teacher. They include, but  are not limited to: