• Advanced Manufacturing Technology


    9th Grade- Advanced Manufacturing 1:
    Students gain an understanding of technology and the concept of Design for Manufacturing, workplace safety and organization, communication skills, and basic machine operation.

    10th Grade- Advanced Manufacturing 2:
    Emphasizes skills key to the manufacturing industry. Students study blueprint reading, computer-aided design, quality control concepts; precision measurement tools, and understanding modern business practices.

    11th Grade- Advanced Manufacturing 3:
    Prepares students for entry into the advanced manufacturing industry. Topics include: production processes; computer-aided manufacturing, lathe and milling machines, computer-numeric-control machines, and welding systems; and robotic systems.

    12th Grade- Advanced Technology Apps AND Internship:
    This course provides students with the opportunity to gain practical, first-hand knowledge in occupational clusters or industry sectors through a structured internship or on-the-job experience. The experience is designed to give students an opportunity to integrate occupational and applied academic learning and to apply knowledge and skills learned in a classroom to actual work situations. Internship opportunities may be paid or unpaid. Course enrollment is subject to school personnel approval.


    Contact: Melendez.Jose@BrevardSchools.org