• Medical Administrative Specialist


    9th grade- Digital Information Technology:
    Basic overview of current business and information systems and trends. Emphasis on developing fundamental computer skills.

    10th grade- Medical Office 1:
    This course is designed to assist with administrative office duties and procedures specific to the medical environment. The course explores and expands the competencies learned in administrative office technology 1 and promotes application of higher-level office procedures tasks and communication skills.

    11th grade- Medical Office Technology 2:
    This course expands the competencies learned in Medical Office Technology 1. Students are required to perform higher level thinking and decision making and to use technology as a resource to efficiently perform systematic procedural tasks and to produce quality work in an efficient manner.

    12th grade- Internship:
    This course provides students with the opportunity to gain practical, first-hand knowledge in occupational clusters or industry sectors through a structured internship or on-the-job experience. This experience is designed to give students an opportunity to integrate occupational and applied academic learning and to apply knowledge and skills learned in a classroom to actual work stiuations. Internship opportunities may be paid or unpaid. Course enrollment is subject to school personnel approval.


    Contact: Trotman.Patricia@BrevardSchools.org