• The Club page displays general meeting information of the clubs currently offered on campus.  Please contact the club sponsor for more information and to verify the meeting place, date & time.

  • Club Sponsor Meetings Room Time For Whom?
    Academic Team Michael Prince Every Friday 2-121 2:20 PM Grades 11 & 12 by invitation
    AOK Jeb Carpenter Email Sponsor 5-102 TBA Grades 9-12
    AOK (Middle School) Email Sponsor 5-102 TBA Grades 7 & 8 
    Color Guard Yvonne Campbell Email Sponsor     All Students
    Environmental Club Jim Mardulier Tuesday 14-110 3:35 PM All Students
    French Club Anne Smith Every Other Friday 2-109 2:15 PM All Students
    Gay Straight Alliance Richard Pobjecky Monday Portable 5 3:30 PM All Students
    Junior Class Sponsor Ryan Walters TBA     Grade 11
    Key Club Tim Tumulty Every Other Tuesday 14-113 3:30 PM Grades 9-12
    Key Club-(Builder's Club) Richard Pobjecky Every Other Tuesday 14-113 7:45 AM Grades 7 & 8 
    Manga Anime Society Jeb Carpenter Monday 5-102 3:30 PM All Students
    Marching Band Yvonne Campbell Email Sponsor     Anyone who plays a band instrument 
    NHS Georgann Savage Every other Wednesday 4-106 2nd Lunch Grades 10-12 by invitation
    NJHS Emery Carr & Elizabeth Walker Thursday 15-105 8:15 AM Grades 7-9 by invitation
    Novelist Club Montse Bray Wednesday 2-103 3:35 PM Grades 9-12
    Robotics Lesle Shinault Email Sponsor     All Students
    Senior Class Sponsor Elexa Rendla TBA     Grade 12
    Surf Club Vern Wells Email Sponsor     All Students
    SGA High School Debra Poppiti & Jeb Carpenter Alternating between 1st lunch and after school on Wednesdays 5-123 1st Lunch or 3:30pm Grades 9-12
    SGA Middle School Jeb Carpenter Friday 5-102 8:00 AM Grades 7 & 8 
    Spanish Club Viviana Velez 1st Friday of every month 2-108 2:20 PM All Students
    Speech & Debate Club Larry Rayner Every Thursday 15-107 3:35 PM All Students 
    Theatre Club-HS Kevin Buck Every Other Tuesday 16-107 3:45 PM Grades 9-12
    Theatre Club-MS Kevin Buck Every Other Wednesday 16-107 3:45 PM Grades 7 & 8