Meadowlane's History

  • horse head Meadowlane's History 56 Years of Excellence

    Meadowlane Elementary opened in September of 1960 at the airport in a building that had been a naval hospital. The rooms were cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Students ate lunch on a screened porch as they had no cafeteria. However, there was a small library.

    There was a principal, 14 full-time faculty members, one helping teacher, one part-time librarian, one part-time music teacher and one secretary. The students were enrolled mostly from University Park Elementary and Melbourne Elementary. Classroom teachers were responsible for almost all areas of the child's education including physical education and art.

    On January 2, 1961, Meadowlane was ready to open at its new location on Minton Road in West Melbourne. All 391 students collected their things for the bus ride to the new school. The name"Meadowlane" was chosen for the new school because it was located in a meadow on Minton Road. The school colors, green and white, were chosen by the students. Meadowlane had the county's first community/school library, which opened in 1970.

    Thirty-four years later, on January 19, 1995, one-thousand one-hundred and forty students, faculty, staff, parents, and officials walked approximately one mile south on Minton Road to the third site for Meadowlane Elementary, a beautiful state-of-the-art school.

    2007-2008 School Year:  Meadowlane has outgrown the present facility and students in our attendance area will now be housed at two campuses - Meadowlane Primary Elementary School(Grades K-3) and Meadowlane Intermediate Elementary School (Grades 4-6). The Intermediate school site is next door to the Primary school site.

    2010-Present School Year:  Meadowlane Primary had again outgrown the present facility and became a Kindergarten -2 grade school. Meadowlane Intermediate Elementary became a 3 -6 grade school.



  • Mission of our School 

    Meadowlane Primary will serve every student with excellence as a standard.

    Vision Statement 

    Meadowlane Primary will serve our community and enhance students' lives by delivering the highest quality education in a culture of dedication, collaboration, and learning.

  • logo  Meadowlane Primary Collective Commitments

    • We will provide a safe, positive learning environment that promotes acceptance, fairness and respect for all.
    • We will use developmentally appropriate practice and standards-based instruction to build our students' foundational skills so that they will all become readers and writers.
    • We will focus on the whole child and promote our students' social and emotional development while building their sense of responsibility, self-respect and self-worth.
    • We will nurture confident, life-long learners by developing our students' skills of independence, problem-solving skills and growth mindset.
    • We will collaborate with students, parents, our community and each other to promote student learning for all. 


  • Deanna Smith

    Assistant Principal

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