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    Student Advantage is Here!

    -Brevard Public Schools is pleased to announce that they are providing access to the most current version of Microsoft Office 365 to your student.  Office 365 features included in this offer include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook.

    -Each student may download office on up to 5 devices for home use.  System requirements are Windows 7 or better.

    -To access this free feature, go to http://Greatnews.brevardschools.org and have your child logon with their student account:  student#@brevardschools.org and their current password.

    -The license for the program will remain in effect as long as your child is enrolled in Brevard Schools.  We trust that this will provide extended learning opportunities for your child.

    -See Office 365 Installation Instructions (Parents & Students tab, then Students) to find out how to install.

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