• Welcome to Quest Elementary's student registration page. 


    The following information is required to enroll a student in Quest Elementary School: 

    • Copies of two proofs of residence, one from Tier One & one from Tier Two. Accepted Proofs
    • An original certified birth certificate as proof of age. A copy will be made upon registering at Quest. 
    • A copy of a Florida Certificate of Immunization, Form 680 (blue card), completed by a Florida physician or by a Florida county health department. Parents should obtain a copy of their child's complete immunization history before leaving their current residence, as this form is not available to the general public. Information on Florida school immunization requirements is available at http://www.doh.state.fl.us/Family/school/parent/parent_info.html.
    • A copy of a medical exam completed no less than 12 months prior to the child's school entry date. Parents may submit this information on the School-Entry Health Exam Form (DH 3040) or provide a copy of the exam obtained from their current physician before moving to Florida


Welcome Parents

  • Quest Elementary welcomes all visitors and volunteers onto the campus with proper identification. We use a system that was developed to conduct a National Sex Offender Registry check on every person when they sign in with their driver license at any Brevard County School. This is in direct response to the community’s request for improved security in our schools.  To ensure the safety of our children, all visitors and volunteers must undergo certain safety checks. Anyone wishing to be on school property during school hours must use their driver license to sign in at the front desk. A badge with the visitor’s legal name will be printed to be worn on an upper garment visible to staff and students. This safety requirement is in place so that the school staff is aware of all visitors on campus at all times.

    Volunteers play an important role in the daily operations of Brevard Public Schools. We appreciate all the help our volunteers give our students, teachers, and schools. All volunteers receive a background check as a part of the volunteer registration process. Additional information to become a registered volunteer can be found at the District's Security webpage. 

  • Title IX Coordinator

    Ms. Aimee Jean

    (Contact at Jean.Aimee@brevardschools.org)

    More nformation can be found on the Bullying, Harassment, and Title IX Parent Tab.