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    WMSS Music Education

    Music enriches the BRAIN!


    Please contact Mrs. Villanueva any time with questions/ concerns! Mrs. Villanueva's email!

    I've heard only great things about your work from your teachers! Keep it up and hang in there! I miss you all and can't wait to see your faces again!


    WHY is it important to continue music while you're learning from home?  Click this link to read about all the research-based reasons why music will help your child develop (ESPECIALLY now that stimulation for your child's brain may be more difficult to accomplish!) IMPORTANCE OF CONTINUING MUSIC


    IMPORTANT: Where to start!

    -- Log into Quaver music! Directions are under the links section of THIS site. Hint: if your child enters through launchpad they can add the assignments by entering class code NGEFD OR use the log in credentials below:

    Quaver Username: BPSMusicStudent

    Password: student


    --There are multiple opportunities for music enrichment.

    OPTION 1: Quaver

    1. Login to Quaver

    2. Click ASSIGNMENTS

    3. Select your grade

    4. Work through at least 1 lesson per week

    OPTION 2: District Bingo Board

    1. Select at least 1-2 activities per week (found under my links tab on this site)

    OPTION 3: Extra Enrichment Lessons

    1. Complete at least 1 activity per week