Physical Education

  • Our Positive Physical Education Pledge (courtesy of NASPE) as highly-qualified physical education teachers, we pledge to:  

    *Establish a positive, safe learning environment for all students   
    *Teach a variety of physical activities that make physical education a class that is fun and enjoyable                                                 
    *Create maximum opportunities for students of all abilities to be successful                                                                     
    *Promote student honesty, integrity, and good sportsmanship  
    *Guide students into becoming skillful and confident movers  
    *Facilitate the development and maintenance of physical fitness   
    *Assist students in setting and achieving personal goals   
    *Provide specific, constructive feedback to help students master motor skills  
    *Afford opportunities for students to succeed in cooperative and competitive situations     
    *Prepare and encourage students to practice skills and be active for a lifetime

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  • As we get to back to school and most children become more active, hydration becomes very important. Young children will dehydrate faster than adults so it is very important to replenish the liquids kids lose while exercising. Try and stay away from sugary and caffeinated drinks like sodas and energy drinks. Water is the best way to help with staying properly hydrated. Get out and play....don't forget the water!

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