• Fuel Your Brain!!!


    The school cafeteria offers breakfast and lunch daily to all students.  Breakfast is served from 9:00 - 9:25 and is provided at no cost.  A variety of breakfast sandwiches, cereal, fruit, juice and milk are available.


    Daily lunch consists of an entree, hot vegetable, canned and fresh fruit, lowfat milk and lowfat desserts.  Our menus are reviewed to ensure they provide the recommended calories, fiber, protein and vitamins A & C as recommended by the Federal Dietary Guidelines.  We offer a minimum of 2 hot entree choices, a healthy choice entree, a vegetarian entree and a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Lowfat milk is also offered daily.   A large variety of ala carte items are also offered daily. 


    The cost of a school lunch is $2.50 and the ala carte items offered range in price from .25 - $3.00 per item.  A free and reduced pricing program is also available. The cost for lunch on the reduced program is .40 daily.  If you feel you may be eligible for this program, please pick up an application from the front office of our school or fill out the application online.  All students living in the household, if eligible, are entitled to the program.  Any and all information provided in the form is kept confidential and private.  If your household receives food stamps, temporary assistance or if your student is a foster child, you are automatically eligible for the program. 


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the cafeteria manager at 773-6789.