Full STEAM ahead at Golfview Elementary


    The integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math provides Golfview students the opportunity to participate in a  curriculum that is challenging, engaging, and correlated to the Florida Standards.   Bobcats work as scientists, technology experts, engineers, artists, and mathematicians while learning the skills that will prepare them to be successful in the 21st century.


    What does STEAM look like at Golfview Elementary Magnet School?


    Science - Golfview students have access to a fully stocked science lab, where they experience hands-on application of the science concepts they are learning in the classroom.   Each student has an individualized subscription to STEMscopes, which is an online science resource that incorporates highly motivating activities that are based on specific science standards for each grade level.


    Technology - Golfview is proud to be the only elementary school in Brevard County with an Aviation and Aeronautics Simulation Lab, where students use flight simulators to explore concepts of study in an incredibly unique way.  Additionally, students have one to one technology, which students use to interact with the primary curriculum while building their 21st century technology skills.  All students are issued a laptop for the school year. They use Google Classroom to design creative responses to show their understanding of the intermediate curriculum.  Technology is also used to code and to compile research to use with our 3D printers.


    Engineering - The Engineering Design Process is the backbone of our STEAM Academy.  Students participate in monthly school-wide Engineering Design Challenges based on a common theme, and are learning to code with programs such as Scratch Jr., Scratch, and Google CS.  Our Bobcat Engineers use the Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, and Improve process with resources such as, Kinex, LEGO Storystarters, LEGO Robotics, and Engineering is Elementary. 


    The Arts - Our 21st Century Learners develop the skills of creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, collaboration, and self-confidence through integration of the Arts.  Using our state of the art TV production studio, 3D printers, dance mirrors, floor, and stage, our students have numerous opportunities to express themselves artistically.  Classroom presentations and project based learning activities prepare Bobcats to become well-composed speakers, a necessary quality for our future leaders.


    Math - The integration of Math in STEAM lessons is focused on the Eight Mathematical Practices.  Students use math to help them solve problems without giving up.  Because they have the ability to think about numbers in many ways, they can explain their own thinking and understand the mathematical thinking of others.  Bobcats know which mathematical tools to use, can explain why they chose to use them, and can show their work in different ways.   Students are taught to check their work and reflect on the process, so that they can take what they have learned and apply it to solve new problems by looking for mathematical rules and patterns.