Welcome to Academics


    Viera High School fosters excellence in academics and opportunities for all students to ensure that students graduate from Viera High School prepared for college, career, and civic life.

    • Viera High School is proud to be an A school.
    • April 2021 – US News and World Report ranked VHS in the top 7% of schools in the nation, ranked 1,265 out of 18,000 US high schools.
    • Viera High School is ranked 100th within the state of Florida as a BEST High School by the US News and World Report Rankings
    • Viera High School was ranked by the Florida Department of Education as a School for Excellence.
    • Viera High School raised the graduation rate to 98%, the highest in school history.
      • 75% of Viera High School student graduate with Career and College Acceleration
    • Viera High offers 20 Advanced Placement college level classes and plans to offer additional classes next school year. 697 Advanced Placement exams given last year to students to earn college credit while at Viera High School.
    • Viera High School offers the following Career and Technical Education programs: Early Childhood Education, Webb Application Development and Computer Programming, Business and Finance, Digital Design, Sports Medicine, Dental Aide, Fashion Design, Interior Design, and TV Production.  We offered 432 CTE exams to our students this year. Passing these exams allowed students to earn certification and get opportunities in these fields

    Scholarship Monies –$1.4 million dollars in scholarship monies for Class of 2022, excluding Bright Futures