Welcome Students

  • In order to provide a safe, positive and academically focused environment we will be enforcing the following dress code at MILA Elementary.  Please consider this code when shopping for school wear. 

    Disruption of Education – (Refer to School Board Rule 6Gx5-4.12):
    Any clothing or hair style/color that causes a disruption of the educational environment or is deemed to be unsafe will be prohibited. 

    Foot Wear

    • Heelys (sneakers with wheels), backless sandals, flip flops, thongs, bedroom slippers, metal toed shoes, or high heels are not considered appropriate.
    • Shoes that require laces should be laced and tied. 

    Lower Garments

    Pants cannot be more than 1 size larger than the waist.

    • Pants should not be so long that they cause a safety hazard.
    • Skirts, shorts, dresses, or skorts that are too short, too tight, or too revealing are prohibited.
    • Shirts should not be longer than skirts, shorts, or skorts.
    • Purposely torn holes, tears, cutoffs, or rips in clothing are considered inappropriate.
    • Tights, spandex, or leggings are not to be worn as pants.

    Upper Garments

    • Garments that do not cover the midriff or are strapless, backless, see through or low cut are considered inappropriate.
    • Sleeveless shirts that have inappropriately large armholes so that under garments or excessive skin shows are not allowed.
    • Shirts with crude, vulgar, violent or suggestive phrases and/or graphics on them, as well as those which make reference to drugs are prohibited.
    • Clothing advertising alcoholic beverages, tobacco, bars, lounges and the like are prohibited.
    • Clothing displaying TV or movies which promote violence, gangs, offensive or sexual content or other forms of disruptive behavior are considered inappropriate and are prohibited.

    Safety and Other Concerns 

    • For safety reasons, any article of clothing or jewelry that may cause injury is not allowed.  (For example, bracelets with pointed metal studs.)
    • Any jewelry item that makes reference to the drug, alcohol, or gang scene is prohibited.

    Head Coverings

    • Extreme hairstyles and hair colors are prohibited.
    • Hats, caps, bandanas, curlers, or sunglasses are not to be worn in the building.
    • Makeup may not be brought to school.
    • There is to be no grooming in the classroom or the cafeteria.

Important Documents