Welcome Students

  • ELearning Students are expected to log into each class, every day using Focus and Teacher webpages.  Students must be present at the start of each block and remain active in the class the entire block.  Middle School students have lunch during 2nd block, High School students have lunch during 3rd block.  Ask your teacher which lunch you are assigned.

    If you have a problem with your schedule (missing class or more than one class in a single block), complete this Schedule Change Request Form.

    If you are having technical difficulties with online learning!

    Please choose the correct contact person for the problem you are having:

    1. Wrong password attempts will lock your school account.  Contact one of your teachers and he or she will forward a request to have your password unlocked (this works only if you know your password but incorrectly entered it).
    2. Forgotten passwords must be reset by our school IT. You may let your teacher know if you have a way to contact them, and they will forward the info.  
    3. If you cannot log onto your device, call the school for assistance.
    4. If you can log into Focus and Launchpad, but can’t get into your Google account, you might not have signed the Cloud Permission form at the beginning of the year.  Please email crisafulli.sonja@brevardschools.org and Ms Crisafulli, our media specialist, will assist getting you into your Google account.

    Please be advised that tech assistance is only available from  8-3pm, Monday through Friday.  We will do our best to assist as quickly as possible, but please remember that these are unprecedented times and turn around time may be slow.