• News Crew

    News crew is open to students in grades 4, 5 and 6.

    Please stop by the library if you are interested in having a postion on the news crew.

    Job Description: 

    This is a job to be on the morning news crew.  There are 180 morning news shows. 

    Morning news runs from 7:50 till approx. 8:05 each day. Students are able to borrow ipads and camera to take pictures and videos of school events for broadcast on the morning news, social media and website.


    • Students will be required to complete 2 two 3 powerpoints/google slides a month.  They will have a layout and will just need to complete the items for the date assigned.
    • Slides are due by 7pm, the night before the morning broadcast.  Students are welcomed to come work on slides in the library during morning mile, lunch and/or recess. I need to review each slide presentation.  If I do not have before 7pm, I do not have time to review. 
    • Students show up for morning news on scheduled dates.  They are welcomed to come to morning news each morning.
    • Students check in with their teacher before coming to the newsroom.

    Job requirements: 

    •  Must be willing to compete powerpoint or google slides on time.
    • Must be willing to come to meetings to learn how to make the powerpoints and practice speaking in front of a camera.
    • Be able to arrive by 7:50, when scheduled to be our news anchor or helping with equipment.
    • Follow PAWS and be a role model and complete classroom assignments.
    • Maintain passing grades

    Failure to meet job requirements:

    • 1st miss of a slide show, just a warning.
    • 2nd miss of a slide show, a 2nd warning.
    • 3rd miss...off news crew for the rest of the quarter.
    • 4th miss… off news crew for the rest of the year.
    • If a student is not performing in their classwork, teacher discretion applies and students can be taken off news crew.