40-Book Challenge

40-book challenge winners
  •       At Ronald McNair Magnet School, gifted students daily attend their Core classes (math, science, social studies, and language arts) with other gifted students.  These classes are taught by teachers certified in their subject area as well as in gifted education.  

         McNair's Gifted Program caters specifically to the nature and needs of gifted learners and fosters the building of relationships with gifted peers.  With an enriched and challenging curriculum, students use the STEAM framework to collaborate with peers in a hands-on learning environment.  


    All Ronald McNair students are part of the STEAM Magnet, including the option of participating in McNair's Performing Arts program.     

     The team leader of our Gifted Program is Mrs. Janice DeLoach  deloach.janice@brevardschools.org; x5742.

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